Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday, Day Two of the Eggscursion at the Townsend KOA

The Group Photo
Saturday, April 18, 2015, Townsend KOA, Townsend, TN - 0 miles, 945.7 for the trip.

Well, for those of you keeping track of my dinners (and I have no idea why you would) last night was my last Bubba Burger, along with a salad & chips.

This morning I started out making my second blueberry pie. Since I did adjust the time & temperature for the toaster oven, it came out better than last nights, but both are going to the pot luck.

While cooking the pie I gave tours of the Escape 17. Since it it the only 17 here, I got lots of visitors. After the pie was done I took a short trip to see a ParkLiner & a Lil Snoozy. While I've seen both ar rallies before, I haven't seen many so it was nice to have them here. Actually, there is at least one of just about every fiberglass trailer made here in the park (with the exception of an Oliver).

I made another round of the campground with my camera, so I've added another page to the Eggscursion section. For those interested, here is a You Tube video of some of the singing at the rally - Song performed & written by Tom Pritchard (Posted by Troy Hawkins, and not recorded by me).

Dinner was the pot luck. Heavy rain for the start made it interesting to bring over the food, but since the KOA had a shelter large enough for all of us, we got out of the rain to eat. As usual, all kinds of great food! Photos at the Eggscursion page 3.

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