Monday, April 13, 2015

Natural Chimneys Regional Park, VA

Natural Chimneys, Mt Solon, VA
Monday, April 13, 2015, Natural Chimneys Regional Park, Mt Solon, VA - 224.8 miles, 495.1 for the trip.

I spent a quite evening sitting next to a babbling brook. It was nice to be able to sit outside - if I did that in Oswego (or for that matter, Binghamton) my drink would have frozen.

I stopped at the office to get a propane tank refilled; ran out last night. Since I was using the electric heater, no problem with heat, and I noticed before the refrigerator got too warm Speaking of the refrigerator, the problem with the 120V electric mode is in the switch. No power at the heating element, and there is power at the cord going into the refrigerator. On top of that, the water heater switch seems to have completely failed; I can't "wiggle" it back to life. While I haven't checked the manual, it sure looks like the entire water heater must be pulled to replace the switch. Oh well, it still works on propane.

I stopped for the day at Natural Chimneys Regional Park. No one at the park office, and the host is not home. A fellow camper (about the only one in the park besides the host) said she was told to pick a spot & settle up when the host returned. I'm in either A9 or A12; hard to tell which. They were replacing some water lines when I got here and had the water main off, but everything is back up now.

I walked to the Natural Chimneys part of the park and took a couple of photos that are posted on today's LakeshoreImages page.

It was nice to see the Narcissus blooming. When I left Oswego mine were about 3" out of the ground. There was a crew of volunteers picking up trasn in the Natural Chimneys part of the park.

I've been playing with a couple of my different camera GPS units. I have 6 of them, 2 that are completely dead, 1 that takes so long to achieve a lock that it is useless (about 1/2 hour), one that locks pretty fast, but has a lousy cord connector, so it only works when you hold the connector in, and the last that uses the camera battery for power, so it drains it fairly quickly. It also is the only one that doesn't record the direction the camera is pointed, but since it is the fastest to lock on to the satellites, it is the one I'll start using. I like to include the GPS info with the large version of the image both so I can keep track of where I took the image, and so those viewing the site can find the locations. Unfortunately, I didn't get a working GPS for today's photos, other than the campsite image...

A beautiful day, although a bit windy. Rain is predicted for tomorrow, so I enjoyed the sunshine today!

Since I changed my mind and had a Hofmann's hot dog & Grandma Brown's beans for dinner last night, tonight will be a sandwich.

Until next time -

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