Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wildhorse Resort & Casino, Mission, OR

Barn Along US 97
Tuesday, June 10, 2014, Wildhorse Resort & Casino - 203.7 miles, 9,855.2 For the Trip

It was a cold night, at least for what I've been used to over the past couple of weeks - down to 38°F. I turned on the furnace & set the thermostat to 60°F around 7:00 AM (it was 49°F in the trailer), then went back to sleep for an hour. Lots of traffic noise throughout the night, however I managed to sleep through most of it.

I drove US 97 to Ellensburg, then took the Umtanum Valley drive through the non existent town of Wymer. Lots of Forest Service campgrounds in the river valley and a pretty drive, but I wanted to get a bit further for the day. After a bit on I 82 & I 84, the plan was to stop for the night at a small campground in Echo, OR, but it was full, at least as far as I could tell - no one came out to point out an empty site, and it was hard to tell even where the sites were. In any case, I continued on to the Wildhorse Resort & Casino near Mission, OR. I suspect I will be traveling I 84 most of the way to Utah since it is the most direct route, and I want to get to the southeastern part of Utah as soon as possible.

Along the way I took a few more photos of the barn along US 97, and another one on the way out of Echo, OR. Other than those, the only other photo is the site photo. Photos on today's LakeshoreImages page.

Since I stopped for a late lunch, dinner will be cheese & crackers.

Until Tomorrow -

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