Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing the "Safari Wagon"

The "Safari Wagon"

Well, I can now call the RAV4 the "Safari Wagon" (Yes, the forsythia are in bloom & it is March.) A very strange spring for Oswego! Anyhow, while not really a trailer modification, the job is done -  (A tire cover is on order)

And, I definitely need to get started on this trip - I have too much time on my hands. I added a under sink filter to the trailer so if I hook up to or pick up some bad tasting water I can still enjoy my coffee. The first filter I tried was a Whirlpool one designed for refrigerators (there isn't enough room in the utility compartment for a standard under sink filter). While I liked the fact that you could change the Whirlpool filter with a 1/4 turn twist, it leaked at the "O" rings. I got on Whirlpool's web page, started a "Chat" session with them & they insisted that they didn't make the product (even though their trademark is on the instructions). Eventually, they gave me an 800 number to call to get help. Called, and they insisted that the refrigerator filter was a whole house filter. Eventually, they told me to go back to Loews & buy replacement "O" rings (this is for a brand new filter). Went to Lowes & they gave me a replacement cartridge to try - still leaked, so I pulled & returned it & replaced it with a standard refrigerator in line filter. More difficult to change, but for the amount of water I'll use it probably won't need to be changed more than once a year so it will work.

A photo of the filter is boring - here is one of the faucet:

The New Filtered Water Faucet

Hopefully, this is the last addition to this page, at least until I get underway heading south!

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