Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Working on the "Projects"

The Reflective Pool, Luray Caverns, VA

Well the weather was right for working on the trailer - It was in the 60's today, in fact at 7:00 it is still 60°F out.   Since it is suppose to rain tomorrow, I started on the outside projects first.

Unfortunately, the new mount for the Marinco inlet is smaller than the one currently on the trailer so I'm going to have to live with the old one flapping in the breeze until I can find an exact match.

I did get most of the rest of the projects finished.  I now have a light in the refrigerator.  I mounted the strip of LEDs so that they light both the main section as well as the freezer.  A window alarm magnetic switch takes care of turning it off & on.

The new smoke detector(a dual ionization/smoke) with a hush switch, as well as a C0 detector are now installed as well as the folding clothing hooks & a dual LED overhead light.  I also added 2 dual circuit breakers so each circuit is now on its own breaker.

The most involved project was moving the battery disconnect switch & rewiring the feed to the converter.  It's done & everything works.

I haven't started the shelves for the clothing closet, but I did decide how I'm going to do them.  I'm adding some hardwood strips to the sides that are drilled for adjustable brackets.  I picked up the shelf material & strips - just have to do some layout & drilling to get them installed.  It is a bit tricky since the back of the closet is the outside shell of the trailer & is curved.  I'll probably make 2 shelf sizes, one set for the top & bottom & the other for the deeper middle.

So, I got more accomplished than I expected - must  have been the nice weather.  Now I'm going to wait until midnight & check across the lake for the Northern Lights.  The recent solar flare may produce them here on the southern side of Lake Ontario.

Till next time

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