Saturday, March 3, 2012

9 Trailer Projects

Mesa Arch at Canyonlands National Park, UT

Not much new in the way of photographs, so I'm going to post some of the older images until I find some new & interesting subjects.

Well it was suppose to hit 50°F today, however at 2:00 it is 41°F and dropping.  I was going to get started on some of the trailer modifications & updates I've planned over the winter but I think I'll wait for it to warm up a bit.

I've got a list of 9 "projects".  For many it is a boring list & you can ignore the rest of the post, but for those interested...

Actually, none of them are critical, but I'm the type that likes to putter around & make improvements.  They include adding a C0 detector and replacing the smoke detector with one that has a "Hush" button - I'm tired of tearing the current one off the wall & stuffing it under the blankets when ever I make toast!

I also have some electrical updates.  Since I added #0 cables to install a 1000 watt sine wave inverter, the #10 wires between the batteries & the converter nom't make sense so I'm going to connect the converter feed to the inverter wiring.

Since I have decided to leave the rear table set up as a bed permanently, I'm also going to move the battery disconnect switch to a more accessible location. Other changes are going to be the addition of additional circuit breakers - currently all the receptacle outlets are wired to one 15 amp breaker.  Since there is room in the converter for additional breakers I rather put some of the receptacles on individual breakers.

I've seen a couple of posts at The Casita Forum  for adding a interior light to the refrigerator. Since mine didn't come with one it is a welcome addition.  Finding a path for the wiring will be interesting but it looks like an useful project.  The last electrical "project" is to replace my Marinco 30 amp inlet.  The door on the current one doesn't stay closed driving down the road.  It flaps in the breeze.  Probably not all that much of a problem (although the hinge pin is getting a little worn) but I have a replacement that has a locking cover.

That's it for the electrical projects - I do have one additional one - I purchased a couple of Umbra Flip Wall-Mount hooks to hang jackets, shirts, etc. Although there is a hanging rod in the closet, I'm going to remove it & add shelves.  I think that will be a better way to store the types of clothing I normally wear while traveling.  The folding hooks will hold the few button down shirts, sweaters & jackets I take with me. I haven't quite decided what kind of shelves I want to add.  The wire closet shelves available at Lowes is one direction, adding some peg board sides & some adjustable wood shelves is another.

That is about it for now.  I do have one "announcement" on the non trailer front - I'm now a National Geographic photographer.  Of course I do have to clarify that a bit - National Geographic Books, not the magazine bought one of my images.

Till next time -

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  1. Congratulations on being a "National Geographic Photographer"...books vs magazine...doesn't have been recognized for your work...thats GREAT...keep it up....Cheers Horst