Saturday, May 20, 2023

2023 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 5

 While the schedule of KOA events posted in the bathrooms showed breakfast available 8:00 - 10:00, we showed up at 9:00 and no one was in the kitchen. A check at the store determined it was a misprint, but there would be breakfast tomorrow. So, back to the trailer for breakfast. 

Another warmer morning; 57°F at 10:00AM. My weather app states that it will rain today, but not in the next 4 hours. Since we are staying Sunday, and it is suppose to be warm & sunny, I'll leave the plastic rug out and hope it will dry by the time I pack it up Sunday night.

After breakfast it was a couple of hours showing and touring trailers. I got a few photos before the rain started.

Trailer Tours

The rain started as a mist around 3:00 or so and got heavier over the next couple of hours. No downpour, but enough that you didn't want to sit outside. I sat with Anne & Guido in their Clam (they had put a couple of the sides on to block the wind) and after a bit it was cold & damp enough to chase me back to my trailer.

They will be coming over to the trailer to cook & eat dinner, Cheese brats and beans. We were going to grill them, but looks like a stove top meal!

Until next time.

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