Wednesday, May 17, 2023

2023 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 2

 I'm getting tired of having "interesting" trips! About half way through today's drive my truck started overheating. It was fine at 55MPH on level ground, but any faster or any hill moved the temperature gauge out of the middle & towards the top. It never hit the red, but I did get a message on a long hill - "Engine power has been reduced due to overheating".

We limped our way to the campground at 55 MPH, even slower on the hills, and when we arrived I called the nearest Ford dealer; have an appointment for tomorrow at 10:00AM to determine the problem.

Other than that, an uneventful drive. We arrived around 3:30 and set up in the sites - Deluxe sites that include a gas grill, glass table with 4 chairs and a couple of loungers as well as a wooden deck overlooking the pond. Of course it is also a deluxe price at $75.00 per night. Anne & Guido are in site 48 & I'm next door in 50, the same sites we had last year. Other than the wooden decks, the sites are full hookup on dirt. Easy access between them.

Me in Site 50

The Guidos in Site 48

I did a speed test on the various internet connections - Verizon at 11.5Mbps down, .4Mbps up and AT&T at 43.3Mbps down & 24.9Mbps up, both with the MIMO antennas connected. The campground has free internet - 1.4Mbps down & 1.6Mbps up. Since I have unlimited AT&T data, I'm going with them.

Spring in New Hampshire is a bit cooler than on the Lake in Oswego. While frost is predicted at home, I live close enough to Lake Ontario that it probably won't happen. Here the prediction is for a freeze with 27°F from one source & 31°F from another. We are going to take a chance and leave the water hoses connected.

Dinner was a salad & burgers.

Until next time.

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