Friday, April 26, 2019

Day 265, Friday, April 26, 2019 - Home, Oswego, NY

Friday, April 26, 2019 - Home, Oswego, NY - 196.7 Miles, 11,761.5 Miles for the Trip

Home at last, after 265 days. A bit of rain for the first part of the trip, all on secondary roads. After parking the trailer in the driveway, I spent an hour or so unpacking the refrigerator & the stuff that I expected to use today or tomorrow. I'll do the rest of the trailer & truck over the weekend. I don't plan to completely empty either since I'll be heading to the "Spring Fling" rally in 2 weeks.

It has been interesting during the trip back to Oswego. It has been Spring for most of the trip. While it has been nice to see the trees & flowers in bloom, it has also been peak pollen season for most of the trip. While I'm not bothered as much as many, itchy eyes are a pain.

I dug into about 4' of mail, most of which was junk. I did find a check from XM Radio for $.87. I had asked them to apply it to my next bill; I guess they couldn't.

I also had about 10 packages of stuff I ordered while on the road, including a new grill and a Ryobi 900 watt propane generator. While I have survived many years without a generator, there have been a few times where I had to revert back to tent camping breakfasts, and no drip coffee. I decided to get the small generator as a way to top off the batteries after a string of cloudy days.

I'll do a post tomorrow with the trip statistics.

Dinner was a microwaved orange chicken meal.

Until Tomorrow -


  1. Welcome home, nothing like your own shower and bed! Don't forget you may want to pick up a lightweight down comforter/quilt for next year! Down squishes down to nothing for storage and you'll appreciate it next year in Quartsite. (Supposed to be Adk girls instead of ask girls..don't know how to change it) Cindy

  2. Welcome home, I have enjoyed following your travels this winter. Thank you for sharing. You met my friend with the Scamp at Fall Creek Falls. Please let us know how you like the Ryobi generator, have also been thinking of the need to supplement solar.