Saturday, April 7, 2018

Day 246, Saturday, April 7, 2018 - Triple Creek Campground, Newport, TN, Day 4

Saturday, April 7, 2018 - Triple Creek Campground, Newport, TN, Day 4 - 0 Miles, 6,912.4 Towing Miles For the Trip

I suspect we will be heading for the predicted low in the 20's tonight - it is getting cooler as the day goes on. Rather than rolling up the water hose in the cold morning, I unhooked the water line this afternoon at 45°F. I then headed to for a shower in the restroom. Good size, both the shower & drying area, plenty of hot water, hooks, a bench, and dry deck on the drying area floor. The only minus is not much in the way of heat in the bathroom. I could hear a blower pushing air through some ceiling vents, but the air coming out sure didn't feel warm. While the shower was nice & warm, it was rapid toweling to dry off!

The creek behind my trailer is now definitely a stream, maybe even a river. there was light to medium rain all night, and a "heavier than a mist, but not rain" all day so the creek is going strong. No where near the top of the banks, but you can't see any of the rocks it was tumbling around the other day.

I spent the entire day reading in the trailer.  I'm currently on the 2000th book in my reading database (I have to keep a list of what I read on my phone so I don't end up buying or trading for the same book a few years after I read it). I hate getting a couple of chapters in a book suddenly realizing that I know what will happen next. Sometimes it is the writing, but usually I find I read the book a few years back. There is the advantage that if it is more than a few years, I can read a book as if it was new! The joys of aging... While I started the database in 2006, I have read thousands of books before previous to starting the database!

I'm listening to KJZZ in Phoenix on my iPhone, and while I'm complaining about the cool weather here, it is 95°F there. Hard to decide which I'd rather have, but if I can't have the mid 70's, I think I'd prefer the cold.

Since the site is fairly level, if the drizzle stops, I may go out & hook up the trailer this afternoon rather in the morning. Those weight distribution bars are COLD on cold mornings. It did stop around 3:30, so I'm all hooked up. All I need to do in the morning is crank up the stabilizers, pull the chocks & Anderson Leveler, and the electric hookup. It is now down to 43°F. I'm glad I hooked up when I did; the "falling stuff from the sky" has become rain rather than mist or drizzle.

I called my son in Oswego, and we have a tree down in the back yard. It was planted many years ago by my neighbor directly on the property line, and her son runs a tree service, so I hope they will take care of it. Since it is a pine tree, the wood isn't useful for the wood stove...

If I remember correctly, I won't have cell service at the Elkmont campground (where I hope to find a home tomorrow), so I may not be updating the web pages for a week or so. Hopefully, either Verizon or AT&T has expanded their coverage, but if not I'll update the blog & website when I can.

Dinner was a microwaved Boston Market Orange Chicken dinner. I'm saving the baked stuff for Elkmont, where I'll be camping without hookups. While my solar would usually provide the ability to use the microwave & other high power appliances, much of the campground is in heavy shade. There aren't leaves on the trees yet, but most of the sites are still tree covered.

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