Monday, March 12, 2018

Day 220, Monday, March 12, 2018 - Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, AL, Day 2

The Gun Island Chute (Lake Next to the Campground)
Monday, March 12, 2018 - Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, AL, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 6,359.1 Towing Miles For the Trip

Just a little light rain overnight, but much cooler this morning. 45°F when I climbed out of bed and went for a morning walk. I met some more Green Eggs & Ham attendees, then headed back to the trailer for breakfast. I looked up the local Toyota dealer, and a electronics supply, called oddly enough "Electronics Supply", put both into the GPS and headed out. No luck at the Toyota service center - they were fully booked, but I got an appointment for 1:00 tomorrow. On to the Electronics Supply, and while they had all kinds of stuff, no single pole, double throw switches. They gave me a couple of suggestions, and eventually I found a supplier that had full sized double pole, double throw toggle switches. A bit larger than the one I already have installed, but they look like they will work.

On the way back to the campground I stopped at a barber shop & got my haircut & beard trimmed. He did a good job, although I don't think buzzing the top with a #3 cutter head & the beard with a #4 can be all that difficult. Back when I had longer, curly hair, it was tough to cut so that it looked good, but now they just zip it off.

Back at the trailer I had lunch, and went for another walk, meeting more rally attendees. When I got back to the trailer, I broke my flipper! For those that don't remember, or never read my Lake Havasu City Dentist story, my "Flipper" is a temporary tooth held in by a palate piece & wire hooks to fill in the hole left by the start of an implant to replace a broken tooth. The "flipper" tooth snapped from the palate. While not really necessary, since I have to remove it to eat, I could just wait until I get back to Oswego & a real tooth (well, implant) put in. Still, I look pretty ugly with my upper front tooth missing, and not having something in the space make my speech "interesting". So, I called a couple of dentists, and have an 8:00 appointment to either fix it or get a new one. The joys of old teeth!

I took a couple photos of the lake Called a chute) next to the campground last night. I was hoping for some nice color in the sunset. A little, but nothing special. It was dead calm, so the reflections from the lake are neat.

They are issuing freeze warnings for Montgomery, so it will probably be another cool night. At least the rain has stopped & the next rain isn't predicted until the weekend.

Dinner was a salad.

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