Thursday, May 23, 2013

Heading to EggFest Ontario 2013

Canada Geese & Goslings

I stopped by the Sterling Nature Center to photograph the Great Blue Herons that nest there, however the only useful image I managed to take was of some geese on the pond.  Enough of the the trees in the heron rookery have fallen over each winter that there are nowhere near the number of nests or heron as in the past. They are also nesting in trees much further from the viewing platform.  I suspect they are adjusting to the number of visitors that stop by & nest towards the back of the swamp.

Anyhow, I spent much of today packing the trailer for the first outing.  I'm heading to EggFest Ontario this weekend.  I'm not at all used to packing for 2-3 days - I have far too much stuff!  I'll have to call it practice for packing for my trip to Nova Scotia in June, although even that will be a short trip (about a month) compared to the last two.  I did hear from a couple of friends that will be joining me during the Nova Scotia trip, one couple coming all the way from Colorado.  They have a camp in Fairhaven, NY & usually spend part of their summer on the bay.

Depending on the available internet connections over WiFi, I'll either post during the weekend, or have to wait until I get back to Oswego.  I still have not found a reasonable way to post using my cell data connections while in Canada, although I sure would like to before the Nova Scotia trip.

Till next time -

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  1. Great to see you begin some adventures and take those terrific photo's!!!...keep us journey...Horst