Sunday, May 26, 2013

EggFest Ontario 2013 - Friday

EggFest Ontario 2013
Well, as I suspected, I didn't have an internet connection over the weekend, so I'm doing the posts now that I'm back in Oswego.

The trip to Ontario was mostly in the rain, which got lighter as I went.  Still, heavy enough that some leaked through the passenger side rear window of the trailer & soaked a corner of the bed (at least I hope the leak was from the window & not my new taillights!)

By the time I reached the Cobourg East Campground, the rain had stopped.  I have a link to some photos of the day's events here. I did get to the pavilion to take a couple of photos, but I spared the rest of the campers by not staying for the sing!

While it only got down to around 40°F Friday night, it somehow felt much colder.  I ended up getting out the electric heater & warming the trailer up to 62F before I felt comfortable, even under a pair of blankets.  I was a little concerned about running the heater since I was sharing the 30 amp service with another trailer, but, because my Pelonis heater drops the wattage as the trailer heats up, I never drew more than 15 amps, and once it was warm, only 5 amps, including 1.5 amp for the refrigerator.

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