Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tabor Campground

The View From My Campsite

Friday, August 10 - Tabor Campground, Turquoise Lake, CO .5 Miles Today, 12,533.6 For the Trip

I may end up posting more but I have moved, and while it is only 1/2 a mile from my previous campsite, the Verizon connection is much slower. Don't know if it was a move to a different tower or traffic is heavier, but posting is difficult. Anyway, I'm now in site 12 at the Tabor Campground. It is a first come, first served site & in many ways nicer than the last one. It is true I no longer have a picnic table, and it is a longer walk to the dumpster & bathroom, and it is essentially a parking lot for boaters (although not too many are using it since the lake is so low the ramp is not usable), but my site is at the end, isolated from the main parking area & the view is worth a million bucks!

I'll relax for a bit, then head into Leadville to see Dick & Anne.

Until later!

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