Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Osage Beach, MO

Site 40, Osage Beach RV Park, MO

Wednesday, August 22 -Osage Beach RV Park, Osage Beach, MO, 172.6 Miles Today, 13,702.7 For the Trip

I've mentioned it before - those that know me know that I'm sometimes "Directionality Challenged". I can pull into a gas station & pull out going back the way I came. It does wonders when hiking alone! Anyhow, even I noticed that ending up in Osage Beach when the plan was to head towards Cedar Key, FL might just be the wrong way. This morning I mapped out the route to Cedar Key, then back to home, and decided that I'd have to drive too many miles per day & have too short a stay at Cedar Key to make it worth the trip. Of course the 95°F + temperatures as I headed south didn't help (although I'm not doing any better here - the outdoor thermometer hit 101°F today however the sun was shining on the Propane cover it sits under). My last excuse for wimping out is the word that a tropical storm that "might" turn into a hurricane is possible. While it isn't all that likely, I sure don't want to ride one out in my trailer!

So, I plotted new directions, and headed northeast. Osage Beach, MO in the heart of the Lake of the Ozarks looked like a good place to stop for the night. While I would have preferred the atmosphere of the near by state park, they didn't have hookups. Did I mention 101°F? So, I'm at the nearby commercial park that looks like a redone KOA. There are two campsite photos  at the LakeshoreImages page for today - they put me in site 49, a full hookup pull through site, however it had no shade. Since I like to sit outside the trailer and read as well as cook outside, one of the back in water & electric sites (#40) looked much better & the office reluctantly let me change.

I do have an announcement for the day - at day 112, I have now been on this trip longer than last years trip. Not as many miles since I parked the trailer for longer stays this time.

Sorry there aren't any more interesting photos - While the lake looked inviting, there wasn't much in the way of a photo op on the drive through town. Dinner tonight will be a steak, snap peas & macaroni & cheese.

Until Tomorrow -


  1. Hi, Jon! I just want to let you know that I surely do enjoy your blog. Got a big laugh out of your description of coming out of the gas station & going back the way you came. We have done that more than once! And I sure know what you're talking about re the hiking alone. I've always relied on my "old man" to lead the way, but, anymore, I'm finding that he isn't such a safe bet!

    I follow lots of blogs. Don't understand how come you get so few comments. If I had a blog, I would surely put a link on it to yours. It's a treasure I think lots of people are not aware of.

    Keep on truckin' and postin'. Thanks for sharing the fun. Rose

  2. I think I discovered why you get so few comments.
    It took MANY tries to figure out the puzzle in order to get posted. That probably makes people give up. I think I got it figured out so it won't be so hard next time; we'll see. And the "sound" option was a complete joke. Only loud noise. Anyway, have a good day; hopefully not too hot.

  3. Sounds like a good Plan B to skip Cedar Key this time ..... It is a great place but the heat as well as the storm potential is reason enough.... Next time ....... Glad all is well...

  4. I haven't run into the puzzle for posting since it is my site. I thing Google adds it to prevent spam...