Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lamar Sportman RV Park & Horse Motel, Lamar, CO

Sand Dunes After a Storm

Saturday, August 18 Lamar Sportsman RV Park & Horse Motel, Lamar, CO 202.2 Miles Today, 12,996.7 For the Trip

Somehow, I have developed the ability to change the weather. Unfortunately, not the way I want it. The method revolves around my blanket. Normally, I have sheets & Vietnam era poncho liner on the bed. I also have a full size blanket that is too big for the bed. I generally store it in one of the front under-seat storage bins, but if it is cold I'll add it to the bed before I go to sleep. If I do that it will be warm & I'll have to stuff it down at the bottom of the bed or get up & put it away. Of course, if I put it away, at 4:00AM it will be 44°F in the trailer & I'll need it!

We had thunderstorms & rain in the late afternoon. It made some interesting pictures on the dunes, chased everyone off them, and cooled things off. It broke long enough for me to cook my brots on the grill.

I left Great Sand Dunes National Park around 8:45AM, stopped for some final photos under morning light, and headed east, eventually getting on US 50. I ended up in site 12 at the Lamar Sportsman RV Park & Horse Motel in Lamar, CO for the night. Full hookups for $25.00. I'm not used to both electricity & water - it will spoil me. Of course it isn't anywhere near as pretty as last night's site, but I did get to do laundry. Since I was down to one last pair of sox, it was time!

Since I have electricity. I'll bake a pot pie in the toaster oven for dinner.

Until Tomorrow -

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