Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wawa, Ontario

Today's Photo - Aguasabon Falls & Gorge, Ontario, CA

I stopped at Aguasabon Falls along CA 17 to take a photo. Difficult - the closest I could get to view the falls was a platform that showed off the gorge, but little of the falls. Most of the day was spend driving along CA 17. A pretty road with views of Lake Superior as well as many smaller lakes & streams. I stopped for the day at the Wawa RV Resort & Campground. A back in with electricity & water for $33.00 Canadian - I won't know what that is in US dollars until I get my credit card bill, but I suspect it will be more. The last time I checked it cost $1.06 US dollars to buy one Canadian dollar.

I'll probably finish off the cheese brats for dinner; I don't want to keep meat too long in the fridge - the refer is still giving me problems -as soon as I start moving, the temperature starts to rise. I suspect the flame is blowing out, although the door leaks cold air all around it, so there is more than one problem...

Until the next internet connection...

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