Tuesday, November 1, 2022

2022 - 2023 Trip to the Southwest, Day 10

 November 1, 2022, Jonestown KOA, Jonestown, PA - 176.1 Miles, 1133.9 Miles for the Trip

It may well be a good thing that I'm canceling the trip. First my keyboard is dying, and this morning my AT&T iPhone 13 Pro was dead. It was on the charger so the battery was up. If I call it with my Verizon phone, my laptop answers, my trailer radio mutes, & my voice comes over both, but nothing on the phone. A few of my apps are duplicated on the Verizon phone, but only a few. So, if you want to contact me, you need to call my other phone, the 0182 number. Depending on what time it is when I hit Syracuse, I may stop at the Apple Store. Tomorrow is a longer haul than my usual at 275 miles, and I'm meeting my brother at my house in the afternoon.

As to the drive, it was all on I81. Heavy traffic at times, but no rain. I arrived at the Jonestown KOA at 1:45 & was guided to my site, #53, a gravel & gray mud (but a concrete pad) pull through, full hookup site for $58.50. 

Site 53, Jonestown KOA

After setting up I went for a walk around the campground. I stopped at the office and no food. Evidently, the campground has new owners. No license for food, lottery tickets or alcohol. Looks like I won't be having one of their pizzas, but something out of the freezer for dinner. 

Dinner was an El Monterey Chicken Enchilada meal.

Until Tomorrow -

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  1. $58.50 for Gravel and mud. No food, no booze, no lottery stub. Could be a country song.