Monday, August 12, 2019

Nantucket, Day 6

After my morning walk to the farm, we hung around for a bit, then headed to Madaket Mall (the dump) & the Take it or Leave it building for books. I found a few. Anne found a new coffee pot to replace the one that produces disappearing water & coffee. After that it was off the Stop & Shop for stuff for making sauce to dinner.

Jack stopped by with the parts to fix the boat motor, and it is now working well. I started the spaghetti sauce around 1:30, and Anne & Don will watch it while Dave & I head out for clams. Low tide is going to be around 4:00, so it might be a late dinner.

Well, we put off clamming until tomorrow. Just couldn't work out the timing for making the spaghetti dinner with the tide time for the clams. Hope the weather will hold.

Dinner was spaghetti using spaghetti squash &  meatballs with oatmeal rather than bread crumbs  to keep the carbs down for David. We also tried Beyond Meat sausage. Like their hamburgers, it wasn't quite the same as pork based sausage, but very good. We had the hot version, and while it wasn't all that hot, it was OK.

Until tomorrow -

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