Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Heading to Nantucket

It has been another 3 years since I've visited my brother Dave on Nantucket Island since I was on cross country trips the last 2 summers.

I've been trying to get this year's crop of blueberries harvested. They are very late this year - I had picked 8 6 cup bags by the 4th last year & while there are plenty on the bushes, most are still green this year. I did manage to put away 3 bags, and hope the birds will leave some for me when I get back to Oswego in 2 weeks.

The truck is packed (well, started) and I plan to leave around 7:00AM. That gives me an extra hour - you don't want to miss the ferry since it is heavily booked, and the cost this year is $537.00 round trip! I don't know if it is inflation or the bigger truck, but more than the last trip. It is a better deal for David coming from the Island. Round trip for natives is around $250.00. Only fair, since they have to go to the mainland for what ever you can't get on the island.

Guidos plan to arrive on Friday. I'm hauling a whole brisket for David to smoke for one of his "friends gathering". He also mentioned that the table saw is not starting, so be sure to bring my tools...

Until tomorrow -

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