Friday, December 7, 2018

Day 125, Friday, December 7, 2018 - Triple T Mobile Home Park, Glendale, AZ, Day 2

, 0 Miles, 7,957 Miles for the Trip

When I started the transfer from the old Mac to the new one I used the Time Machine backup to do it. That was the recommendation of Apple. It was a bit slow because the backup is on a portable 4TB drive. When it started, it said it would be 5 hours to do the Documents folder. The good thing about a Time Machine Backup is it backs up everything, including the applications, settings, etc. I went to bed with the disk activity light flashing away.

This morning, the portable drive had stopped. I fired up the Mac, and believe it or not, everything works, apps, settings, and, of course the various documents. Even Dreamweaver kept its settings for my ISP, something that didn't happen when I made the move to my previous MacBookPro. I do find it pretty amazing!

While others have complained about the new keyboard, I like it. The only thing I had to change is to adjust the screen image size. The stock size is just a bit small for my old eyes.

By the way, the park is well suited for running around Glendale, Peoria, and other parts of Phoenix, but they have some serious train horn noise. I don't hear the wheels, engine, etc, but very loud horns. Good thing they don't go by too often, bad thing, one went by at 6:00AM. To the good, they have just about the best shower (and there is only one) of the trip. Individual large room with sink, toilet & shower, bench, large shower with sliding glass door, and a 1' diameter shower head. The first time I've used one; I'm impressed!

After messing around with the Mac, I headed to the nearest Safeway for some supplies before heading to Quartzsite. Unfortunately, the nearest Safeway Matilda, my GPS found was gone. I found another one about 8 miles from the park. My freezer is now as stuffed as possible. I can get usable fresh vegetables at the two small grocery stores in Quartzsite, but frozen food requires trips to Parker, 30 miles away or Blythe, 20 miles west on I 10 in California.

Other than that, I did some reading, both on the computer & my latest book, Clive Egleton's One Man Running. A new author for me, and he is British, writing for the English, which takes a bit of getting used to. I think I like it...

Dinner was a Healthy Choice Grilled Basil Chicken Steamer.

Until Tomorrow -

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