Friday, October 23, 2015

Tar Camp, Corps of Engineers, Pine Bluff, AR

Site D1, Tar Camp, Pine Bluffs, AR
Friday, October 23, 2015, Tar Camp, Corps of Engineers, Pine Bluff, AR, 202.8 Miles, 1647.8 Miles for the Trip

I got an early start, heading down US 61 to US 49 to cross the Mississippi, then on to US 79 south to Pine Bluffs, Arkansas.  I always enjoy crossing the Mississippi.  While it isn't always 1/2 way to my destination, it feels like it.

The Tar Camp is a bit north of Pine Bluffs. Like most Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds, it is along a river or lake (in this case the Arkansas River). I'm in site D1, a pull through with water & electric for $9.50 using the Senior Pass. I'm doing pretty well so far on this trip - average camping cost is $16.36 per night. I suspect that will go up when I hit areas where I'll be using commercial campgrounds, but I prefer the more rustic state, national & COE parks.

It rained most of the drive, including while I was setting up the campsite. I just stopped for a bit so I'll go out and take the campsite photo. Since it still lightly raining, I didn't wait for the camera GPS to find the satellites, so unlike most of my campsite photos, the large photo EXIF data doesn't show the location. For those interested, my Ultimate Campground app shows the campground at 34.450065, -92.111506.

I have a minor leak in the bathroom vent. I tried re caulking the hairline cracks around the vent; hope that fixes the problem. It isn't a real problem since it drips into the shower floor, but on the way it falls on the toilet, which will be annoying in the middle of the night (the weather prediction is for rain tonight & all day tomorrow)!

Because of the rain, dinner is going to be something cooked inside. Either soup if I'm lazy, or something in the toaster oven if I want to dig it out and decide it is cool enough. Right now it is 73°F in the trailer...

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