Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ray Roberts Lake State Park, TX

Site 41, Walnut Loop, Ray Roberts Lake State Park, TX

Sunday, October 25, 2015, Ray Roberts Lake State Park, TX, 193.5 Miles, 2017.1 Miles for the Trip

I'm glad the rain has finally stopped. It rained all night, continuing into the morning while I was packing up. I don't mind a day or two of rain, but when it goes on for 3 days it gets a bit much in a 17' box. While the rain was very light for most of the time, all the sites I've been in during it have been covered with trees. That breaks up the soft, soothing patter of steady light rain, and creates "splocks" (is that a word; if not, it should be since that is what they sound like, but my spell checker can't find it) of big drops that crash down on the trailer when ever the wind shakes the leaves. Easier to sleep when the trailer is out in the open and the rain is steady.

In any case, the rain stopped around 11:00 AM while on the road. I spent most of the drive on US 82 heading west, and stopped for the night at a Texas State Park; Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Johnson Branch Unit. I'm in site 41 in the Walnut loop. Texas parks are expensive unless you have a park pass, not worth it unless you are going to do more than 2 weeks in Texas parks. $33.00 for a water & electric site. Fairly level, close to very clean bathrooms, in short, a very nice site, but the most expensive I've paid so far on the trip.

I spent the afternoon sitting outside in my camp chair enjoying the dry weather. Still lots of clouds, but I can see pieces of blue sky. Unfortunately, around 5:00 the wind picked up a bit & with the clouds hiding the sun, it is a bit cool to sit out. I gave up & grilled a couple of kielbasas along with part of the last can of Grandma Browns Saucepan beans for dinner.

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