Friday, October 28, 2011



Well, as usual, I put off my last post of the trip.  I arrived in Oswego around 3:30 after a 265 mile drive from the campground.  Since I was parking the trailer for the winter (boo) I spent a bit more time getting it in place.  I'm going to have to add some blacktop to the left side of the parking space - right now the trailer door opens on the lawn which turned to mud as I unloaded the trailer.

All in all, a good trip.  I do wish I started earlier, but I did get some good color in most places.  I drove around 1800 miles, almost all towing with an average of 14.9MPG.  I did discover that I can travel a little more than 57mph without a MPG drop, at least on interstates.  Since I avoid them most of the time, I found 57mph was good for secondary roads. For the trip home I stuck to I 81, and 60mph without a drop in MPG.

I have to admit winter is here.  I winterized the trailer yesterday since the prediction was for well below freezing temperatures overnight.  Even here next to Lake Ontario it was 30°F this morning. So, travel is probably out until the spring. I'm currently planning on another trip to the West.  I have already made a reservation for a fiberglass trailer gathering in Oregon in July, and I want to hit some of the areas I missed last summer as well as revisit some of the places I've been.

Until the next post!

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