Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Valley Vista RV Resort, Benson, AZ,

Site 31, Valley Vista RV Resort, Benson, AZ
Wednesday, February 24, 2016, Valley Vista RV Resort, Benson, AZ, 86.2 Miles, 4,422.2 Miles for the Trip

A short drive today, although a strong headwind for much of it. Kind of unfair - I am used to a headwind when traveling west, but expect that if any, there will be a tailwind going east. In any case, I was getting between 8 - 10 MPG for most of the drive in stead of my usual 15. The consolation was gas was $1.27 per gallon in Tucson.

I was planning to stop at Catalina State Park in Tucson, but decided to call ahead to see if they had sites since it is close to the city and often filled. I wanted to stay a couple of days, but they didn't have anything unless I wanted to move each morning. So, I continued on down the road to Benson, AZ. I'm in the Valley Vista RV Resort, full hookups with cable for $31.57 per night, or $1.57 more per night than the usual water & electric Arizona state park charge.

I'm going to explore some of the attractions in the area, so I signed up for 4 nights. It is a typical in-town RV park - close to your neighbor sites, but it includes a pool, hot tub, huge library, and laundromat. The town is at 3586', so I suspect it will be cool overnight. I did check at the office & they said they have not had frozen water hoses, so I did hook up to both water & electric.

I did a bit of food shopping at the local Safeway, then drove back to the trailer for some reading & relaxing. I decided on pizza for dinner & picked up a small pizza at R & R Pizza Express. A little disconcerting in that the place was completely empty at 5:30, but the pizza was good.

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  1. Have missed checking in on you. Life bumps also include funerals.