Sunday, April 24, 2016

Home, Oswego, NY, and Wrap Up

Sunset at the City of Rocks State Park, NM
Sunday, April 24, 2016, Home, Oswego, NY, 112.7 Miles, 7,701.9 Miles for the Trip

I left Binghamton around 10:30 AM, and had an uneventful drive on I 81 & I 481 to Oswego. I spent the entire day unpacking the trailer and RAV4, finding a place for everything (it didn't quite happen - there are piles of stuff all over the house). I'll probably spend the next couple of days getting settled in.

As to the trip, it was 194 days, 7,701.9 miles pulling the trailer and 11,067 miles on the RAV4. Spent $1414.05 of gas, $158.33 on propane, and $2236.46 on campgrounds for an average of $11.59 per night, the lowest of any of my trips. I've now spent 892 nights in the trailer since April, 2011. While this trip was designed to avoid winter in Oswego, I did take some photos - there is a collection at today's LakeshoreImages page.

So, the trip is over. I will probably make a few this summer before a late July trip to New England with Don & Anne. I'll post any trips or anything else interesting that happens around Oswego when it happens.

Until then -

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Don & Anne's, Binghamton, NY, Day 2

Saturday, April 23, 2016, Don & Anne's, Binghamton, NY, Day 2, 0 Miles, 7,589.2 Miles for the Trip

I slept well, first time in a non trailer bed in the last 6 months. Dinner last night was great. We had a full works turkey dinner, including Kweichow Moutai, an interesting Chinese rice wine that was very different from any wine I've had before. For one thing it was 105 proof. You definitely don't want to light a match around the stuff!

We spent most of the day sitting around talking & doing nothing, although once the sun came out & dried things out, Don fertilized some of the plants. It looks like Spring is here, although my son tells me it still hasn't hit Oswego.

Dinner will be left over turkey.

Until next time -

Friday, April 22, 2016

Don & Anne's, Binghamton, NY

Don & Anne's, Binghamton, NY
Friday, April 22, 2016, Don & Anne's, Binghamton,  NY, 127.5 Miles, 7,589.2 Miles for the Trip

Some light rain on the drive to NY today, mostly on I 81. I could have made it home, but stopped to visit with some friends in Binghamton, NY. Don is a former student of mine & is now the Technical Director at Binghamton University. We went to Alaska together in June & July, giving their new 16' Scamp a workout. While here we talked about a trip to New England, and made reservations for Blackwoods Campground at Acadia National Park for late July. I'm glad we got around to it - there were only 3 available sites for the 3 days we booked, none at the new Schoodic Woods campground. We will plan the rest of the two week trip around those dates.

As to dinner, it will be a big change from my usual meals over the past 6 months. We will be having a  turkey dinner Anne is putting together for some visiting Chinese professors who had heard about, but never experienced Thanksgiving.

Until next time -

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Locust Lake State Park, , Barnesville, PA

Site 50, Locust Lake State Park, PA
Thursday, April 21, 2016, Locust Lake State Park, , Barnesville, PA, 121.9 Miles, 7,461.7 Miles for the Trip

Another day of mixed driving between US 11 & I 81. Other than stops for gas, I drove to the Locust Lake State Park in northeast PA. I'm in site 50, as usual, an electric only site. One thing that Pennsylvania does differently from many other state parks is setting aside a loop or section that is pet free. They charge an extra $3.00 if you bring a pet. With a somewhat involved fee schedule of $27.50 use fee plus $4.00 reservation fee (even though I didn't really make a reservation) less a $4.50 senior discount, I paid $27.00 for the night.

The bathroom with showers is not too far away, and while the stalls clean but a bit small, as is the drying areas (and no bench & only one hook) there is plenty of hot water & adjustable temperatures. Overall, at least a B.

I spent the afternoon reading, currently Jack DuBrul's Deep Fire Rising.

Dinner was a couple of chicken burritos & Bush's Bourbon & Brown Sugar beans. While doctored Grandma Brown saucepan beans (an upstate NY local brand) is still my favorite canned beans, I have to say that Bush's Bourbon & Brown Sugar is a very close second. I've only been able to find them in a few stores; hope they are available at home.

Until next time -

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Caledonia State Park, Fayetteville, PA

Site 175, Caledonia State Park, PA
Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Caledonia State Park, Fayetteville, PA, 196.7 Miles, 7,339.8 Miles for the Trip

A fairly normal to long drive on both I81 & US 11. I'm trying to stop at parks I haven't visited before, and Caledonia State Park in PA is one of them. They have two campgrounds, the Chinquapin Hill doesn't open until Memorial Day, and the Hosack Run which opens the Friday before trout season & closes at the end of deer season. It is about 1/2 filled with a variety of RVs. I'm in site 175, a site level enough that I didn't need to unhook, and close to the bathrooms & showers.  By the way, the showers get a "C-".  Good shower head, somewhat rustic, but small stalls & drying room with one hook (no hook or shelf in the shower itself).  The minus is because while the push button control provides hot water for the first 3 pushes, after that it turns lukewarm, it that.  I don't know if it is a too small water heater or designed that way to chase you out, but it is annoying, even to those like me that take quick showers.

I checked out the bathrooms & they have an outside dishwashing sink. When ever I'm in a campground that has one, and I don't have full hookups, I consider making spaghetti & meatballs since the sauce requires lots of water to clean up after. Since my site is electric only, I decided to make spaghetti & meatballs & clean up at the sink. The spaghetti & meatball dinner was great. No Italian bread so I had a bagel with it. Only problem - it must be early enough in the season that they haven't hooked up the outdoor sink yet - no water. So, I used lots at the sink in the trailer.

Until next time -