Monday, September 22, 2014

Delaware Water Gap, Day 2

Childs Park, Delaware Water Gap, PA
It poured last night; the heaviest rain of the trip.  By morning, it had stopped, but lots of drips off the tree leaves over the trailer.  One interesting thing - the rain seemed to improve my XM Radio reception.  Prior to the rain it dropped out for a short time every minute of so; during the rain it never quit. I would have expected the opposite.

Anyhow, I sat around during the morning, and since it clouded up after lunch, I visited some more Delaware Water Gap water features.

First stop was the George W. Childs Park. While low water levels did make for some limitations, there was enough to get some waterfall photos as well as some riffles in the creek. There is the foundation from an old mill along the trail that is interesting. A well put together park with easy trails on both sides of the stream and a number of bridges get across.

After that I headed to nearby Hacker Falls. A bit longer walk, but a pretty falls. The last stop of the day was at Raymondskill Falls, the highest waterfall in Pennsylvania. Another pretty waterfall, and a very short walk from the parking lot.  I added today's photos at the Delaware Water Gap page.

Since I didn't defrost anything for dinner (I think it was a subconscious plan), I was going to stop at the Pie's On pizza (say it out loud) for dinner.  On the way, I found a Chinese restaurant and changed my mind.  I ordered Orange Chicken & fried cheese wontons.  Very close to the Orange Chicken made by my favorite Chinese restaurant in Oswego.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Delaware Water Gap, PA

Buttermilk Falls, The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Sunday, September 21, 2014, Dingmans Campground, The Delaware Water Gap, PA 155.8 Miles Today, 548.8 For the Trip

Today was a travel day.  Unfortunately, most of it was boring along I80.  It did get interesting towards the end - a large lump in my lane turned out to be a dead black bear.  I managed to drive around it, but was surprised to see one.

I am spending 4 nights in site 9 at Dingmans Campground in PA. While the $20.00 per night with the senior discount isn't too bad, at the normal $40.00 per night it isn't worth it.  While the site has water & electric, and is quite large & under some nice shade trees (enough that my XM Radio doesn't work) the bathrooms are scary!  They do have showers, although one of the them in the men's bathroom only has a hot water faucet.   The sign on the door says they are cleaned Saturday & Sunday mornings, and they look like the last time was a number of Sundays ago. Anyhow, I'm here.  Very quiet with just a few sites occupied.

The campground hands out driving directions to the area waterfalls, so I decided to try for a couple after setting up the trailer. While the campground is in PA, some of the waterfalls I visited are in New Jersey across the Delaware River.  Like most directions, they only help - for example, the directions say Brinks Road, but the sign says Main Street. The bridge across the river is a very narrow 2 lane bridge with a weight limit of 4 tons. It is a toll bridge - $1.00 each way, collected by someone standing between the lanes on the PA side of the bridge. The even have a sign that there is a charge for bikes.

An even smaller 3 ton, one lane bridge crosses a stream on the way. If they get any smaller, even the RAV4 won't be allowed! For a moment, I thought I discovered a new product (bridge building) of my home town of Croton, NY on the casting on the bridge, however a closer look read Groton, NY...

For anyone interested in visiting the area, late September is about the worst time possible. Too early for good color (although there was some) and far too little water going over the falls. I did see my second black bear of the day, this one crossing the road in front of me but I didn't get the chance to take a photo.

The first visit was to Buttermilk Falls (I believe it is required that every state has at least one Buttermilk Falls (NY has at least two)). It probably looks great when there is more water. The next stop was Tillmans Ravine. Not really a waterfall, but again a stream that would look better with more water. Still, a very pretty wooded area. For the pictures, check my Delaware Water Gap page.

After driving back across the Delaware River I cooked a Bubba Burger & green beans for dinner.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sheshequin Campground, Day 2

Saturday, September 20,2014, Sheshequin Campground, Trout Run, PA, Day 2, 0 Miles Today, 393 For the Trip

The big event for today was a trip to  Williamsport to do laundry.  I didn't pack quite enough for a short trip without needing a laundromat, so this was a good day for it.  A Wegmans was only two blocks form the laundromat, so I also picked up milk & a Wegmans salad.  They make very good salad bowls, and they are large enough that they make up a meal.

Other than that, it was a day of sitting outside (weather in the high 60's) and reading.  I did drive over to the showers.  A bit crude, but lots of hot water, good shower head, and shower curtains!

Dinner was a salad.

Until tomorrow -

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sheshequin Campground, Trout Run, PA

Site 35, Sheshequin Campground, Trout Run, PA
Friday, September19, 2014, Sheshequin Campground, Trout Run, PA, 53.5 Miles Today, 393 For the Trip

A short drive to Trout Run today.  I'm not sure why I picked the campground; it is certainly my style with large, open sites & a laid back attitude, however at $35.00 per night, I'm not sure it is worth it. No AT&T coverage, and weak Verizon 3G (with the amplifier).  The campground does have free WiFi that works well.  I'm in site 35, along a small stream, with water & electric.  One problem - the showers (and flush bathrooms) are across the road in another section of the campground; there is an outhouse on this side of the road.  A long walk or short drive to the showers.  Sure am glad my gut has settled down!

Other than driving to the campground, I didn't do much of anything today.  It was a nice warm day (in the mid 60's) so I did get some outside sitting & reading.  No photos other than the campsite one pictured above.

Dinner was a Johnsonville Griller, which I thought was beef, but was a pork hamburger.  While it had built in bacon & cheese, I didn't think much of them.  Unfortunately, I still have 5 more...

Until Tomorrow -

Leonard Harrison State Park, Day 2

"Brick" Church
Thursday, September 18, 2014, Leonard Harrison State Park, Day 2, 0 Miles, 339.5 For the Trip

Sorry for the late posting - it was a combination of a very slow internet connection and being a bit under the weather with a stomach flu.  Not that there was too much to post about.  I didn't do much other than drive to Wellsboro to fill up the gas tank.  I sat around moving the chair with the sun for most of the day.  No photos, so I used one of the church with fake bricks from yesterday.

Dinner was spaghetti & sausage.  I usually have some frozen meatballs in the freezer, but didn't throw some in this trip because it was filled with blueberries.  The sausage was breakfast links - I much prefer real sausage!

Until later -