Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Niagara Wine Escape, Saturday Update

The Pot Luck Dinner Line
A nice day - a bit windy, but warm. There was a "Blue Tarp" event in the morning - bring the stuff you want to get rid of, hoping someone else will want it. I only took a few things back at the end of the day. Trailer viewing went on throughout the day, with a pot luck dinner at 5:00. Lots of door prizes given away.  More photos added at today's update.

Friday, September 13, 2019

The Niagara Wine Escape Friday Update

Around a Windy Campfire
A pleasant day, although thunderstorms are predicted for tonight. I baked a couple of blueberry pies, and made a couple of rounds of picture taking.

We had a windy campfire & a beer exchange in the dark.  Updated photos were added at the Niagara Wine Escape page.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Niagara Wine Escape Thursday Update

Finally Some Sun!
Not a lot to add to today, but there is an update with more photos at the LakeshoreImages link.

I'll add more tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The 2019 Niagara Wine Escape Rally, Wednesday

Our View of the Falls While Waiting at the Border Crossing
After a two year break (in 2017 I picked up my Escape 21 in August & last year we went to the Boler 50th), I'm back at the Niagara Wine Escape. This it the rally that convinced me I wanted an Escape 17B. While I had seen one before, in 2010 I visited with people using the trailer and talked with many owners.

As on the past occasion, friends Don & Anne lead the way pulling their Scamp 16. A fairly uneventful trip along NY 104 to Niagara Falls, although the Garmin messed us up as we entered the city. Eventually, we had to ignore it to get to the Rainbow Bridge. The Canada border station was interesting. The sent buses & RVs to a separate area, we stopped at the stop sign, and waited. Nothing happened. Finally, after 15 minutes Anne went in and let them know a bunch of RVs were outside waiting. After someone came out the process went quickly & we were on our way. Well, all but the guy with a large 5th wheel. Seems he took the shrouds & most of two air conditioners off the top of the trailer on a bridge. While he said it happened at the border crossing, there was at least foot of space above him. There are some low bridges on the parkway leading into Niagara Falls, and I bet that is where it happened. In any case, he headed back to NY.

We got separated on the way to the campground, but both arrived around 2:15. We are in sites 23 & 24, full hookup sites for $35.62 per night (US). After setting up we sat around cooling off, then, with Alf & Mary Anne, the organizers of the rally, their daughter, and a couple more friends, headed to Betty's for dinner. I had a delicious grilled halibut dinner for under $20.00 US with tip.

As usual. I started a page of photos at the rally. We are early - it is Wednesday, and the rally doesn't really start until the weekend.

I'll add more each day.

I'll add more photos as more arrive.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Nantucket, Day 15

The View Through a Ferry Window 
Back in Oswego!

David called around 5:00 yesterday evening saying he made the boat & would arrive around 8:30; a day earlier than expected. Rosie was glad to see him. He ended up with his first root canal.

I got an early start, leaving the house at 5:45AM. There is an advantage to a big truck. I was directed to the front of the boarding line & was the first vehicle on the boat, and the 2nd one off (a full size 18 wheeler blocked the exit). I took a couple of photos of the loading process, then boarded.

As usual, the light during the morning was wonderful. I took a bunch of photos of the harbor on the way out. By 9:00 when we reached Hyannis, the good light was gone.  Lots more photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

The drive home was interesting. I ran into two heavy rainstorms, one so bad that I 90 slowed to 15 MPH, with many pulling off the road. Other than that, it was uneventful. I arrived home around 3:45, unloaded the truck, and went through the mail. No bill from the Massachusetts's Thruway for the trip to Nantucket. I guess it takes time to process the billing from license plate photos. The ice chest of clams made it in good shape - I'll make Clams Casino as an appetizer for tomorrow night's dinner.

I was tired enough from the trip that tonight's dinner was a quick trip to Rudy's (our local fish stand) for a plate of haddock & scallops.

That is about it. The next planned journal will be starting September 11th for the Niagara Wine Escape Rally in Niagara Falls, CA. Till then!