Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cayuga Lake State Park

Site 12E, Cayuga Lake State Park
I wasn't planning on there being a followup to the "Pickin' in the Pasture" pages so soon, but on the way home I passed Cayuga Lake State Park, and since it had been recommended to me by others, I decided to stay for a night.

I asked at the office for a site that would fit a 20' trailer, with electric (it is close to 90°F), and close to the bathroom - I need a shower.  I guess I forgot to ask for a site away from Route 89, one that was level, and if they would be mowing the lawn at the site.  If you look close at the site photo, you can see a car in the background.

In any case, I'm in site 12E, next to the bathroom.   Currently, the sound of the mower & weed eater drowns out the road noise!  As to level, the site is within 3" of the limit of the range of my power tongue jack front to back, but pretty good side to side.

I spent part of the day sitting outside, than finally turned on the AC & headed into the trailer when both the heat & biting flies got to me.  Dinner will be a Bubba burger & salad.

Until next time, which will probably be the Niagara Wine Escape rally in mid September.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The 19th Pickin' In The Pasture, Saturday, August 27, 2016

A beautiful night - the pickers in the campground were playing until 3:30AM. Most of them were on the hill at the far end of the campground, so I did get some sleep!

The morning started off with drills by the Reynolds' Battery L. Lots of explanations of how things worked, what it was like, etc, along with the traditional firing.

After that the performances began. Photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.  I'll add more after tonight's performances.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Pickin' in the Pasture, Day 2

Goldwing Express
We had rain again off & on during the night & a bit in the morning, but skies cleared in time for the show. I had cracked the window over my head since the rain had stopped when I went to sleep.  I was dreaming about walking through the hallways of an abandoned school, and some kid kept spraying me with a squirt gun.  Woke up & it was the rain drops blowing through the window screen!  Anyhow, I made it through the night.

Five performances this afternoon with four of them that will be repeated after dinner. Another afternoon of great bluegrass music. A good sized audience - I took a couple of panoramas.

As usual, many more photos at Pickin' in the Pasture, Friday, August 26, 2016.  I'll add more after tonight's performances.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pickin' in the Pasture, First Performances

The Spinney Brothers

We had some rain overnight and into the early morning, but it stopped in time for the 1:00 start of the day. Bill Knowlton of the Bluegrass Ramble Radio Show introduced each act, starting with Cap & Cady. Lots of great music over the afternoon. I took photos of each group as well as the individual members of the group. I'm not including the names of the individuals since I'd probably get them wrong. As a retired sound designer, I had to include a photo of the sound crew along with those of the performers. Check today's LakeshoreImages page for more.

The same bands are returning after the dinner break - I'll probably add some additional photos then. 

I did go back for some night time photos. Skipped the last group because it looked like rain was heading this way & I left the trailer windows open. So far it is holding off, but I didn't go back to the stage.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pickin' in the Pasture

First Night Sunset
After spending 2 weeks on Nantucket Island visiting my brother, I drove home to Oswego, picked up the trailer & on the next day headed to Pickin' In The Pasture, a Bluegrass Festival in Lodi, NY. While the festival has been going on for years (this is the 19th), somehow I've missed hearing about it. Since it is only 60 miles from Oswego, and I enjoy Bluegrass, it seemed like a good idea.

Susan & Andy Alexander host the festival on their sheep farm. There is a space for camping in a section of the pasture along with fresh water, portajohns & dumpsters for trash. The price for the 4 day festival (including camping) is $80.00. While most of the campers are in RV's, there are a few tents as well. One other fiberglass egg - a Burro.

You get two site photos. You would think that I would pay attention to the direction of the sun when setting up in a field - It was important during the winter in Quartzsite, AZ. So, I pulled in, unhooked & set up, made a run to the nearest grocery store for some milk, and got back to realize that the sun was setting on the passenger side of the trailer, heading the refrigerator, and ducking entirely under the awning. So, using the excuse that I had to move the trailer anyway since I needed water, I set up again with the door facing East. It does give me a better view of the sunset from the larger rear window. The pasture is set up with a main road running the length of the area and smaller flagged "roads" that branch off the main drag. I'm set up on Earl's Way. While you are required to keep 10' between campers (NY Law) there is plenty of room to spread out for those that want to.

After setting up the second time, I walked around the camping area, talked with some of the staff, and took a few photos. I suspect there will be many more, but you can find today's at my first "Pickin' in the Pasture" page.