Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chittenango Falls, NY

Chittenango Falls, Chittenango Falls State Park, NY
Another Fall, time for a trip to my favorite waterfall, Chittenango Falls. It is located in the Chittenango Falls State Park about 20 miles east of Syracuse, NY. While not the largest waterfall in New York (I believe there is one called Niagara Falls), it is a beautiful combination of multiple drops and sections. This is the first time I've visited the falls on a Sunday, and I couldn't believe the crowd. The parking lot was full, and you actually had to wait for a break in the foot traffic going across the bridge at the bottom of the falls.

While we have had better fall color, I took a couple of photos of the falls, then headed upstream for one of the creek.  More photos from this trip at Chittenango Falls, 2014.  Even more on my Chittenenago Falls State Park page.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Salmon River Falls, Orwell, NY

The Salmon River, Orwell, NY
Another short trip, this time about 35 miles to the Salmon River Falls, the largest waterfall in Oswego County.  As far as I'm concerned, the only waterfall in Oswego County - there is another one, Mad River Falls, however although I have found the Mad River, I have not found any way to access the part of it that Google shows as the location of the falls.

I try to visit the Salmon River Falls and the river below it every Fall.  While not the most picturesque waterfall in the area, I have found lovely sections of the river below the falls.  One difficulty - the path to the area below the falls is a rough 100' drop that involves some narrow paths and uneven steps  that require a cable hand rail to negotiate.  For some reason, it gets harder to climb back out each year!

Here are a couple more photos:

A Section of Salmon River Falls

Salmon River Falls
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The 2014 CNY Great Pumpkin Festival

Karl Haist's NY Record Pumpkin
Well, not a travel post, but one of the things I do here in Oswego when I'm not on the road.  The 2014 CNY Great Pumpkin Festival was held on a rainy (and cold) Saturday morning.  The weigh in started around 10:30 and ran until 2:30.  Many pumping well over 1000 pounds, and one that set a new (for now) New York State record.  More information and photos here.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back Home in Oswego

Tuesday, September 30, 2014, Oswego, NY 109.5 miles Today, 934.8 For the Trip

Well, the post is a little late, but I did make it home to Oswego on Tuesday.  The trailer is parked for the year (unless something comes up), I spent most of the day unpacking,  & I'll start winterizing it in a couple of days.

I had a good trip, enjoyed seeing some of the faces of those who I only knew through the various fiberglass trailer forums.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Binghamton, NY

Monday, September 29, 2014, Don & Anne's, Binghamton, NY - 150.8 miles, 825.3 For the Trip

No photos or much of a trip report today.  I packed up & headed north.  I81 most of the way, and stopped at Don & Anne's for the night.  Since I had my driveway top coated while on the trip, I can't get into it to park the trailer until tomorrow, so I'll finish the drive to Oswego in the morning.

Dinner was fried shrimp from Doug's Fish Fry.  Since I'm required to compare it to Oswego's Rudys on the Lake, Here goes.  Fries - about the same.  Shrimp - a plus to Doug's. Coleslaw - Can't compare it to Rudys since I always get the macaroni salad, but it is 100% better than the coleslaw that comes with the otherwise excellent fish dinner at our Oswego Price Chopper.  Finally, I tried a bite of Anne's fish sandwich.  Have to give the prize to Rudys.  Their fried haddock sandwich, whether or not it is, tastes like fresh, unfrozen fish, and is hard to beat. Flakey, large pieces, and great taste.  All in all, I'd have to call it a tie.

Until tomorrow