Tuesday, November 17, 2020

First Snow

 Not much for anywhere, especially Oswego, but this morning we had our first snow.  It only fell for around half an hour and melted away within an hour, but it was the first of the season for me in 5 years.

First Snow
After putting the cover on the trailer we, of course, had a string of 70°F days. As I mentioned at the last post, the Camping World cover is too large for the trailer.  Enough that water pools on the top.  Going to be a problem with freezes/thaws resulting in a 50 pound block of ice.  I tried some foam under it - we will see if it helps.

As long as we had some nice weather I did a few modifications on the trailer.  I replaced the kitchen water faucet & added a couple of USB receptacles on the sides of the front upper cabinet over the bed.  I will use them to charge I'm iPhone when using it with the trailer's radio, and to power my weather station.

My Christmas cactus has decided it is Christmas.  Lots of flowers.  By the way, I took both photos with my Olympus "Tough" camera.  The reason for buying one is so I'd have a camera that I don't mind getting soaked, etc.  I'm not all that in love with the picture quality.  Both of these were shot in the RAW mode & adjusted in Lightroom, but definitely not up to the DSLR or maybe even the iPhone quality.

In any case, if I don't have anything to say before then, have a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 23, 2020

A Beautiful Day in Oswego, But...

After a couple of cold, rainy days here in Oswego, today was beautiful. 81°F and sunshine. I spent the morning on the riding mower chewing up leaves. Unfortunatly, also a terrible day - I put the cover on the trailer. I've been putting off the decision on whether I'd head to Arizona for my 5th winter, but I guess I'm a whimp. At 76, I just can't be comfortable with spending the winter in an area that doesn't do much masking, and is 30 miles from a small rural hospital. I suspect that I'd be fine, but if anything went wrong, there isn't a lot of support in the Quartzsite area. 

 So, I'm going to see snow for the first time in 5 years. At least the snowblower has heated handles! I did winterize the trailer before covering. I drained and cleaned the water heater, checked the andode (good for another year) bypassed the water heater, then blew out the water lines with 40 PSI air & added RV antifreeze to the drains. The batteries are at 85%, the recommended storage level for lithiun according to Battleborn, and switched off the battery disconnect switch. The refrigerator is cleaned & doors cracked open, and all food, etc is removed from the trailer. So, it is ready. 

 By the way, a Camco 19' cover is about 4' too long and at least a foot too high for an Escape 21. It works, but a smaller cover would fit better. 

 Can't wait for Spring! Until then or the next interesting thing that comes along -

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Letchworth State Park, Day 4


Goofing Off

Pretty much goofed off all day, although I spent the morning making a blueberry pie.  We did some reading, walking, and sitting around.  While I didn't take any photos, Anne caught Guido & me.  It started to rain around 5:00.  I had already packed up the awning mat & the grill so I wouldn't have to put them away wet on while it was raining.

We have to be out of the sites by 10:00 tomorrow morning.

Dinner was chicken tacos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Letchworth State Park, Day 3


Lower Falls

A very slow start to the morning. My excuse is it was colder, both out & in than yesterday. 47°F outside & 57°F in the trailer. I didn't get out for my walk until 9:00. After that it was reading my usual on line forums, a bit on Facebook, and reading. Current book is Mark Dawson's The Jungle, the 7th in the John Milton series. I've enjoyed all of them. John Milton is a bit of Lee Child's Jack Reacher character, however enough different to be interesting. I still have many more to go. 

We finally got our acts together around noon & headed out to see the dam. It is unusual, as it is a dry dam. The only time it fills is during flooding conditions to protect the downstream areas, including the city of Rochester. A sign near the dam notes that it cost $25 million in 1950, however has saved over a billion dollars of flooding damage since that time. 

I was always confused that you could not see the river behind the dam. It wasn't until years after my first visit that I drove to the other side of the dam, and looking back, saw the river tight against the Letchworth Park bank. The other interesting thing at the dam is a sign noting that there are eagles in the area. In smaller letters it also notes that there are turkey vultures. I constantly see parents pointing out the circling turkey vultures and telling their kids "look at the eagles!" So, I'm including a photo of a "counterfeit eagle" 

After the visit to the dam it was a late lunch at the Lower Falls restaurant , then down the 127 steps to the view point for the Lower Falls. This is both my favorite of the three waterfalls, and my favorite place for photographing it. Still, hauling myself, the camera & heavy lenses & tripod back up is getting to be a chore. Lots of folks taking pictures and wandering around, but I managed to get a few images in between people. Lots more photos at the LakeshoreImages page.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Letchworth State Park, Day 2

 Light rain after midnight until around 7:00AM, glad I put the chairs back in the truck.  Overnight temperature was around 55°F, but it didn't warm up very much during the day.  

I walked around a couple of the camping loops before breakfast.  They are all numbered the same way, making it a bit confusing unless you stick to the numbers on your side.  We had a choice of our sites or a pair in the 400 loop - 406 & 408.  I'm glad we took the 500 sites - while the map shows both pairs of sites next to each other, 406 & 408 have a small forest between them.  I saw an Escape 19 in one of the 400 loop sites.

There is a very useful website called Campsite Photos on line, I do wish they also included an image that showed pairs, or groups of sites.  The close up image of a site is useful, but if you are trying to find a pair of sites to camp with friends, the individual images don't show how close the sites are to each other.  The worst case for this was on a trip to New England.  We reserved (over the phone) two sites & asked if they were next to each other.  They said yes, and technically they were, but there was a playground between them.  Makes it difficult to share cooking dinner, etc.

After hanging out in the trailer most of the cool, damp morning, we headed out to check out some of the waterfalls.

While I'll post a few images here, many more, including some panoramas at a page I put together at Lakeshore Images.

Upper Falls

Middle Falls

Lower Falls From Above
Back at the trailers we sat around a campfire for a bit, then had Impossible Burgers, corn on the cob & coleslaw for dinner.

Until Tomorrow -