Tuesday, July 12, 2022

A Short Trip to Fairhaven State Park, Fairhaven, NY, Day 2

 Rain off & on over night as well as most of today.  There were a couple of breaks; I managed to do a one mile walk around the campground, and sat outside watching the hummingbirds fight over the feeder for about half an hour.  I set it out yesterday, and one found it within 30 minutes.  This one has 8 stations; you would think they could share, but there is always one that has to chase away all others.

I thought about staying another day since packing the trailer for just two days seems like a bit of a waste of energy, but decided to stick with the plan.  There is only one day available at my site; if there were a few more I might have considered staying.  In any case, between cloud bursts I packed away the grill.  I hope the rain holds off long enough to pack up the 6' X 12' mat in the morning.  

Until the next rip -

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