Monday, August 31, 2015

Alaska Trip Wrap Up

My Favorite of the Trip

Alright, I've put it off long enough, even made a short trip in between. The facts:

74 days, 10,987.5 towing miles with less than 100 non towing.

Campground costs totaled $2207.78, with an average cost of $30.66 per night, one of the highest totals I've had (although I didn't convert the Canadian $ to US $, so it is a bit higher than the actual cost.)

Fuel costs $2876.49, again without converting Canadian $. Average MPG was around 14.8, a little lower than my overall 15 MPG average based on 68,701.5 of towing the Escape 17B.

My favorite parts of the trip included the 4 days at Denali, and watching the bears feed at Hyder, both were the main reason for me going to Alaska.

As to photographs, I have a collection of favorites, but I have to admit I didn't have anything I'd consider as outstanding. Not sure why - Alaska is beautiful, with magnificent scenery, but I have far more memorable photos of the Southwest US. My favorite of the trip could have been taken anywhere.  In any case, I'll add a couple more here; the rest are at today's lakeshoreImages post.

Until the Next Trip - 


  1. Nice ....very nice. I enjoyed tagging along...terriffic photo's also..hanks for sharing....hope your refux issues level off..Horst sends

  2. So, you have pulled into your driveway for a while. Have enjoyed your journey.
    The birds are my favorite, too.