Monday, May 11, 2015

A Change of Plans

More Solar
I'm adding a photo of the new 100 watt solar panel.  The one in the rear is the original 95 watt GoPower panel installed as an option when I purchased the trailer.  The front panel is a 100 watt Poly panel purchased from Windy Nation.  I chose it to match the output voltage with the existing GoPower panel.  GoPower does offer a 95 watt add on panel that is an exact match, but their prices are out of this world.  The Expansion Kit, which includes a panel and wiring sells for around $500.00 plus shipping.  The 100 watt panel from Windy Nation with the cabling, connectors & branch connectors sold for $141.96 delivered to Oswego.

A change of plans for tomorrow.  I was suppose to take the trailer to Seven O's to have the refrigerator checked & replace the 120V switch in the water heater.  While I mentioned in the previous post that the refrigerator was now working on 120V, I discovered that once it reached the temperature set by the thermostat, it shuts off like it should, but as it warms up, it never starts cooling again until you wiggle the thermostat dial.  The problem - Seven O's service building had a fire last night, lost the roof & their tools, so I don't think it would be a good idea to haul the trailer to Cicero.

On the other hand, I made one last attempt with a pair of very thin needle nose players to retrieve the wired for the water heater switch, and managed to pull them out far enough so I could crimp on new connectors & attach the new switch.  So, I'll have hot water and, unless I run it on gas, a warm refrigerator!

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