Monday, August 12, 2013

Nantucket Island, 2013

Perseid Meteor Shower
I'm visiting my brother on Nantucket Island, a small island 35 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, MA.  I usually try to get to the island every year (Other Nantucket Trips), but didn't last year because my trip out west ran so long.

I made one mistake - I usually travel mid week, but this time on a Sunday.  I was hoping the traffic would only be heavy going away from the cape, and it was, but it was also stop & go getting from the MA turnpike to 495.  I still made the ferry in plenty of time, a good thing since I made my reservations in April ($450.00 round trip) and all the ferries are full during most of August.

The evening started out fairly clear so I set up my camera aimed towards Perseid, programed the interval timer to take a 30 second photo every 35 seconds, and turned it loose.  While I did get one image that is definitely a meteor (look in the lower right corner of the photo above) I got many more of airplanes & satellites.

Since I like taking night time photographs, I started a page at LakeshoreImages that has a collection of some of them taken over the past few years.

Not a lot going on here on the island.  If I do anything worth posting, I'll add to this. It should be a little more interesting in the future - Don & Anne will be arriving in a couple of days, and the following week my daughter and her family will be here.  I haven't seen them in quite some time since they are currently living in Botswana, Africa.  We will be spreading Carol's (my late wife) ashes in the ocean at her favorite beach while everyone is here.

Till the next post -

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  1. Jon, An awesome idea of setting the camera on timer interval...great capture of the meteor.