Friday, April 19, 2013

The Modifications Continue

The New Switches
We had another nice day yesterday so I was able to pull and connect the wiring for the new interior switches for the porch & strip light.  Everything works the way it is suppose to.  More photos at the Trailer Modifications page at LakeshoreImages. Unfortunately, today it is raining so I can't work on the next project; changing the cell antenna.  We have a front moving through this afternoon, and it is expected to drop into the 30's tonight - hopefully, it will clear up Sunday.

For those wondering what I do (or, at least photograph) when I'm not traveling, I spent the last two evenings photographing rehearsals for a production of Once Upon A Mattress at the State University of New York at Oswego, my previous employer.  The large images are all around 200K, so if you are on a slow connection or have limited data, be warned.  I post large sized images so the students can use them for their portfolios.

It is an interesting production - the queen is an actor in drag (and excellent).  I generally take many, many photos (over 2000 for the two nights) of which 10% - 15% are usable - actor movement, long exposures and harsh lighting take their toll.  This production presented a new problem for photography.  The lighting designer is using a number of LED fixtures.  It is amazing how bright they are, however the problem is the pure, narrow band colors they produce does not photograph well, particularly when combined with standard color media used in incandescent fixtures.  The human eye adjusts to the color quality, however the camera's sensor does not.

I will do a photo call tomorrow night after the performance to shoot posed images, necessary to avoid blurring during dance numbers and large groups where someone always moves during the rehearsal.

Until next time!


  1. I like your mods....especially the tail lights....also super photography on the play.....glad to see you are doing we...Horst

  2. Good to hear from you. Hope to be in your area this fall & winter.