Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still Waiting

The 7th Annual Clean Sweep
While I'm waiting for Dometic to send the new cooling unit I was able to shoot some photographs of the 7th Annual Clean Sweep here in Oswego.  Every year around Earth Day a group from the city & college get together and spend an afternoon cleaning the banks of the Oswego River & Lake Ontario.

This year it was organized by the Oswego chapter of RSVP, an organization I have been working with for a number of years.  Over 300 members of the local & college community collected hundreds of bags of trash.  For more photographs, check my "Clean Sweep" pages.

After shooting the photographs, it was back home to post the web pages.  While part of me wishes I was on schedule & in Cedar Key, FL today (particularly because it is a dreary 41°F outside), the weather report for that part of Florida last night didn't look all that good. Actually, a quick look a second ago was better - partly cloudy & 70°F.  Oh well, I'm stuck here!

Till next time  -

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  1. Hang on good buddy.......this to shall pass...and Cedar Key will be as good tomorrow as it was yesterday and today....try and stay at Low key by Pat and Cindy there early 40's, former full timers....into photography....and GREAT PEOPLE......and the Tiki Bar is second to none...sunsets the best......Later Horst