Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Show Photos

Today's Photo - A Rehearsal Photo From SUNY Oswego's Production of "Grease"

When I was working, photography for the theatre department was part of my job.  After retiring, they had some difficulties finding someone to take their rehearsal photographs as well as shoot photo calls.  So, I'm back to shooting shows.  It is an interesting type of photography.  Very high contrast, particularly if the show uses followspots.  On top of that, lighting levels are often low, and, at least for rehearsals, shooting handheld is a must.  You need to develop good handholding techniques - shutter speeds are often under a 15th of a second. Flash is out since it destroys the work of the set, costume & lighting designers, and the colored lighting tends to cause metering problems. The good thing is digital cameras have come a long way, pretty much replacing film.  In the past I shot slide film at an ASA of 320. Last night I was shooting with a Nikon D700 with ASA/ISOs as high as 3200!  Another advantage is cost - I took over 1000 images last night, threw away over 1/2 of them because of actor movement.  Think about what that would have cost using film that, with processing, cost around $25.00 per 36 frames!

Anyhow, if you are interested is seeing some of the results, a link to the 1st rehearsal is at Grease. I'll add the final dress & photo call after shooting them. Again, for those interested, the pages are straight out of Lightroom's web generation module.  Saves a lot of time using it, and, since I usually put the page up immediately after the rehearsal, anything that saves time is great.  Hit the sack at 2:30AM last night, and will be doing it again tonight!

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