Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Official!

Today's Photo - Great Falls, McLean, VA.

The Escape 17B is officially registered in NY.  For those familiar with NYS DMV, it will be no surprise that it didn't go smoothly.

If you look a bunch of posts back, you'll find I went to DMV, waited in line for 45 minutes & asked what paperwork would be necessary to register the trailer.  Even though they told me one of the forms wouldn't be available until I entered the US, the people at Escape Trailer Industries solved the problem, coming up with the form. 

So, after getting all the paperwork they told me I'd need, I stood in line for 2 hours (never go to DMV on a monday) and when I reached the window the clerk spent 5 minutes going through the paperwork, handed me a form, said fill it out, then go to the back of the line!  At least this time the line was only 45 minutes long, but I ended up with a different clerk who took another 45 minutes to actually process the paperwork.  Part of the problem was not believing my conversion from Kg to lbs for the trailer weights (Canada uses the metric system & NY doesn't). The rest of the time was spent going from internal office to internal office trying to figure out how to do the registration.  Only good thing is they used the Canadian dollar amount to figure sales tax even though the current exchange rate makes US dollars more. 

They kept the originals of all the paperwork, but did make me copies.  I checked with Tammy at Escape Trailer Industries concerned that I'd need one of the original documents to get back to the states, and she let me know that they keep all the paperwork necessary to import the trailer so the various US DMV's can't keep any paperwork necessary to cross the border.  Smart woman!

On top of everything, I had pulled the plate off my utility trailer so I could use it on the travel trailer (the old plate is white & matches both the trailer color & the plate on my car) since they told me I could transfer the plates.  Guess what?  You can't.  So, I'm the proud owner of a brand new ugly orange plate, but at least it's official.  

Till next time...

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