Friday, March 4, 2011

CNY RV & Camping Show

Today's Photo - A r-pod 172 at the Central New York RV & Camping Show

Went to the opening day of the CNY RV & Camping Show at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY yesterday.  Since my main interest is in fiberglass egg trailers and since most of the manufacturers of eggs sell direct & don't do shows, I just went to see what was new.

Well, not much.  Very few motorhomes - a few C's,  fewer B's and even fewer Class A's.  Trailers were the big feature, with many sporting signs stating "I only weigh ______ pounds.  I suspect the latest gas prices have got the dealers scrambling for the lightweight end of the spectrum.  There were a couple of $200,000.00 Diesel Class A's, but not too many were looking at them.

There were a bunch pop-ups and a couple of r-pods, the closest thing to a fiberglass egg.  The r-pods are much less expensive than the eggs, however they have seams between the roof & walls, very little storage, and the finish leaves much to be desired.  I see many ads for 20 & 30 year old fiberglass trailers; although they haven't been around that long, I suspect there will never be a 30 year old r-pod except in a museum. Still, a lightweight option.

It was crowded - I don't know how many were buying, but it was the most crowded show I've seen in the last couple of years.  In any case, I got my chance to see what else is out there & am still happy with my decision.  I also picked up a bunch of campground brochures - none available for the southwest, but I did get some for local & east coast locations.

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  1. If you ever find yourself headed this far south, let us know, because there are some beautiful parks and wildlife places down here that you and your camera would love! :)