Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NY Department of Motor Vehicles

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It has been an interesting day.  I decided to visit our local DMV to check which documents I need to register my trailer.  After waiting in line for 45 minutes, I finally reached the counter.  I explained what I wanted to do - register the trailer once I received the paperwork from the manufacturer, and take the plate to Chilliwack, BC with me.  Everything went well with the paperwork the manufacturer plans to send me  until the DMV stated I needed an import form CBP 7501 that I will receive when I cross the border from Canada into the US.  Only problem is I'm doing this 3000 miles from Oswego.  Since I plan to stay in the west for a couple of months, I'm not sure a temporary plate would be a solution (or even possible).

According to them there is no solution - I have to either bring in the form (not sure how I get the trailer from the west to NY without a plate) or mail the form to them, they will mail back paperwork, I mail it back to them & then they mail me the plate.  I'd only have to stay in one location for about a month for that to work!

I can't believe there is no other solution, but again, this is dealing with New York State. Sigh...

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