Friday, March 25, 2011

More Pictures II!

Today's Photo - Jon's Trailer!

They are still building the trailer, and to complicate things, this weekend they are moving their factory.  Sitting above the window is my back up camera.  I'm not sure the RAV4 is wide enough that the standard mirrors will see around the trailer, and most of the add on mirrors I've read about vibrate, fall off, or otherwise are a problem, so I added a camera.

A couple more photos - note they are very small so you will have to live with the low resolution.

So, it won't be all that long.  I'm still figuring out what I want to take with me, what I'll buy after actually living in the trailer, and what I can do without. Anyone know of a small microwave that includes a convection oven? I never made up my mind on the choice between a microwave & a toaster oven.  I did buy a Coleman "oven" that sits on top of the stove - I'll see how that works.  

I know one thing that is staying home - a suit!  I'm a jeans or shorts kind of guy, and haven't worn a suit since my retirement graduation ceremony.  My ties are so out-of-date they are probably back in!

Till next time  - 


  1. Hi, Jon. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm enjoying following your blog from TX. We live here, but spend 3+ months in MN every summer.

    Interesting to see how that trailer is looking, even though the picture quality isn't up to your normal standards!!! Rose

  2. Hi, Jon. The trailer looks great-so shiny!! I'm excited for you.

    Once concern about the oven. I'm not sure if it was a Coleman, but a friend of mine had a fire start using hers in her trailer. I wasn't there, but I think she used her fire extinguisher and got it out the door-stove was right next to it.

    We had one years ago but I only used it outside.

  3. I do wish they posted larger photos, but I understand how many they must be doing - it is a wonder that they do it at all!

  4. I don't plan on using the oven inside, at least until I know it's safe. Thanks for the heads up.