Sunday, May 4, 2014

Owyhee State Park, McCormack Campground, OR

Site 28, McCormack Campground, Lake Owyhee State Park, OR
Friday, May 2, 2014, Owyhee State Park, McCormack Campground, OR - 172.9 miles, 8046.7 For the Trip

A longer drive than I've been used to, particularly the last 30 miles (more about that later). I stopped in Vale for gas & groceries. Unfortunately, I browsed the fish counter and thought I found some nice flounder. The last time I had flounder it was a few hours out of the ocean at Nantucket, and was excellent, so I gave it a try (more about that later).

The roads between Vale & Lake Owyhee are one step above unpaved on my AAA map. They started out OK, in fact, better than US 20, but the closer I got to the park, the narrower and poorer condition they became. There are sections in the last 15 miles (speed limit 25MPH) that are really only one and one half lanes, (including a one lane tunnel) with lots of turns that larger RVs need the full width to drive. While I met a few on the way in, they were all in straight sections so neither of us had to back up.

There are two campgrounds in the park - the McCormack & Indian Creek. I'm in a water & electric site(# 28) at McCormack for $22.00 per night. A long, level site (in both directions) so I didn't unhook. I paid for two nights, however if someone reserved my site for Saturday, I'll have to move. It won't be a problem - of the 31 electric sites, only about 10 are filled. It is a pretty location, with the campsites overlooking Lake Owyhee. The lake level looks to be at least 20' lower that normal - some boat ramps are difficult to use & there is a "bathtub ring" on the shoreline. I'll try for some more photos of the lake tomorrow unless there is a good sunset tonight. More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Back to the fish - I should realize that fresh fish hundreds of miles from the ocean isn't a good idea, and, as I opened the package to start dinner, the fishy smell was a warning. I tried cooking it anyway, and it turned to mush. I finally gave up & turned what was going to be a side salad into dinner. Live and learn!

By the way, you won't be hearing from me for the next two days. There is no AT&T service here in the campground, and only 1X Verizon (no data). So, until I drive about 30 miles north, I'm off line.

Until the Next Internet Connection -


  1. Hi, so is there really the ability to make Verizon phone calls at the Owyhee lake campground? Curious what you found?

    1. My phone is AT&T, while my data Hotspot runs on Verizon. I didn't have any AT&T service, and while the hotspot showed 1X service, I had no way to tell if I had voice service from Verizon. No data service...