Monday, May 12, 2014

Ainsworth State Park, OR, Day 2 & Waterfalls

Upper Horsetail Falls, OR
Monday, May 12, 2014, Ainsworth State Park, OR, Day 2 - 0 miles, 8535.4 For the Trip

I got an early start on the trail above the campground to a couple of waterfalls. Since if was a clear day, I wanted to reach the falls before the sunlight broke over the sides of the Columbia Gorge. Unfortunately, I hiked almost a mile in the wrong direction, and by the time I reached Oneonta Falls, the sun was out. Upper Horsetail Falls (also sometimes called Ponytail Falls) was still in shade, and I'm happy with the photos. It is another waterfall with a cave behind it that you can use to cross behind the falls. More at today's LakeshoreImages page.

At Oneonta Falls there is a bridge that is damaged - a sign states it is safe for people to cross one at a time. I didn't see the damage, and it felt solid, but we all obeyed the sign! After Oneonta Falls, I backtracked to the part of the trail that went down to the Horsetail Falls parking lot & took a photo of the falls. Rather than climb half way up the side of the mountain to take the trail, I walked along OR 30 to get back to the campground. It parallels the railroad tracks, so I got to take a photo of one of the campground noise makers. Overall, I sure got my 2 miles in today. More like 4 miles and it felt like all of it was uphill!

Dinner was a Amy's Cheese Enchilada.

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  1. Horsetail Falls is a great stop between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento if you are going up Highway 50. I visited there through us tours. This is one of those spots where you want to stay again and again. There is much to see while hiking through the Desolation Wilderness. The views from the top of the falls are amazing. The hike from the base to the top of the falls is rather difficult. I visited there about three time but every time these falls gave me extreme relaxation of mind.