Thursday, May 15, 2014

Maryhill State Park, WA

Mt Hood, OR
Thursday, May 15, 2014, Maryhill State Park, WA, 163 miles, 8719.0 For the Trip

I headed out around 10:00 for Maryhill State Park in Washington. Matilda, my GPS wanted me to drive all the way on I84, and cross the Columbia River at the bridge next to the campground, but I was tired of interstates, and crossed at "The Bridge of the Gods", and drove most of the way on WA 14.

The Bridge of the Gods is now an actual metal bridge (a $1.50 toll when towing a single axle trailer) but there was an natural "bridge" at one time - it seems there was an land bridge for awhile caused by a landslide, as well as a Native American legend that is far more interesting. Here is Wikipedia's take on it. No photo of the bridge - I was hoping to stop in the middle since there was a flagman on the bridge, but I got waved on, so you will have to do with the sign for the trailhead.

I arrived at the campground a little after noon, got set up, and said hello to a number of fiberglass trailer owners already here. There are about 11 trailers here already, with many more expected tomorrow. I didn't take any photos of them; will wait until tomorrow to make the rounds with the camera.

I did take a few along WA 14 - a pretty road overlooking the Columbia River with many tunnels, and peeks at Mount Hood along the way. I also shot some flowers - bright orange & yellow poppy looking that grow wild along the road. I'm in site 3 at the campground. I checked out the bathrooms - typical of state parks everywhere, however I was a bit surprised to find that here at the most expensive state park I've stayed at they charge $.50 for a 3 minutes shower!

More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Dinner was a grilled chicken breast & the rest of the coleslaw from Tuesday.

Until tomorrow -

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  1. Not sure if the 50 cents is good or bad? Any shower at a campsite is a blessing.