Thursday, May 22, 2014

Palouse Falls state Park, WA, Day 3

Palouse Falls, WA
Wednesday, May 10, 2014, Palouse Falls state Park, WA, Day 3 - 0 miles, 8910.1 For the Trip

This morning I played campground host. The only park employee I've seen so far has been the grounds keeper, and it must have been her day off - no one raised the flags, and I never saw the truck. Because I'm in the host position, everyone assumes that's what I am!

A little before lunch I decided to wash the trailer. I scrubbed about 8 months worth of bugs off the front, and lots or road dust off the rest of it. I also put a quick coat of wax on the front; keeping it waxed makes it easier to scrub off the bugs. I thought about washing the RAV4, but decided that I'd wait until I'm unhooked somewhere & head for a car wash.

I took a photo of the park sign and a couple of other non waterfall photos with the Nikon D200. The bird on the wire reminded me of the ad for public TV that had a composer using the birds on the wires outside his window to write a melody. Only one bird, so only one note, but I liked the effect. The railroad track is in a gully that is deep enough that even though it is just 50' from the campsite, you barely hear the trains.

The clouds managed to stay around this evening and after dinner (which was a chicken breast fillet, rice & snap peas) I headed back to the falls. Unfortunately, while there was some color on the horizon, it was behind us, not over the falls. And I do mean us. The last two nights there were only one or two photographers; tonight there were at least 10. It looked pretty funny with the row of us lined up along the edge of the overlook. Photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

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  1. What Awesome photos of the favorite is the second one....nothing like getting another skill set on you resume..:) Safe Travels..Horst sends

  2. I really enjoyed the trail that takes you up on the ledge above the falls and then down on the river upstream of the falls. From there you can access the gully the trains run through. There is carved hollows in the walls for you to hide in if a train comes while you are in there. There is a trail to the bottom of the falls from in the campground also.

    1. oops I did not see the previous two posts about the trails I mentioned before I made the above comment. Sorry

    2. Have to agree, the trails looked interesting, but I'll leave them for younger folks!