Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stanley, ID

Today's Photo - The Stars at Craters of the Moon

I tried again for some nighttime star photos. The short exposure (well, 15 seconds) came out OK, however I also tried a star trail, leaving the shutter open for around an hour. Only problem is a few campsites over from mine they decided to use their flashlights at 12:00AM, and the image was ruined. I'll try again if I get to a dark location.

I continued west from Craters of the Moon to ID 75 & ID 21, stopping for the night just outside of Stanley at the Elk Mountain RV Resort. Not quite a resort, but the price is right - $27.00 for full hookups. There is one problem - I chose the campground because AAA listed it as having showers & a laundry. Well, they do, but they also have a water problem, and as of 3:00, there is neither and no bathrooms. Hope they get things working soon.

Other than that I'm spending the rest of the day reading & since I have a pretty good internet connection, catching up on some of the RV sites I follow.

Until Tomorrow -

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