Thursday, June 23, 2011

Montpelier Creek KOA

Today's Photo - Ricks Spring Along US 89, Idaho

Another quiet day with an early stop. By the way, although the Cherry Hill Campground in Kaysville was primarily a water park, and still a bit too refined for me, my site (21) was actually a really nice location. It was on grass, and had plenty of room on both sides. Much of the rest of the campground had sites barely wide enough for people to open their slides, while mine wasn't all that deep, there was plenty of room. I guess that is another advantage of a small trailer!

Today I headed up US 89. Although a 4 lane expressway for some of the way, once past Mantua, UT it changed to a 2 lane road, and soon started climbing through the Wasatch-Cache mountains with the usually twists & turns. The stream along the road was well over its banks in many areas. I stopped to take a photo at Ricks Spring along side US 89. One of the persons there said they have never seen it flowing that strong - it was over the walkway.

After that I continued over the pass at Bear lake Summit, then on into Idaho. I stopped for the day at the Montpelier KOA in Montpelier, ID, the first KOA of the trip. As I've mentioned in other trip journals, KOAs remind me of McDonalds - you always know what you are going to get, but there are no surprises. I didn't have a lot of choices - both the AAA guide & my GPS didn't show many other campgrounds in the area. I'm is site 28, a very nice location with shade & a stream running by.

Till Tomorrow!

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