Monday, August 12, 2019

Nantucket, Day 5

The plan was to go clamming after lunch today. We loaded up the boat, threaded our way through Nantucket Sunday traffic, and hit the boat launch. Lost of boats tied up (the ramp is for launching only) including a 1.5 million dollar yacht. We got the boat in the water, but the engine refused to run. We finally gave up & Dave went to get the truck to pull the boat. Parking for a truck & boat trailer was bad enough that it took 10 minutes just to get to & from the truck.

While waiting, holding the boat in place with a bow & stern line, the guy with the big boat pulled out, then backed in on my side. He pushed enough water that I could barely keep the boat from climbing up the ramp & out of the water. He finally realized that he wasn't being nice, and pulled out long enough for us to get the boat on the trailer.

So, a clam less afternoon. Dave's next door neighbor is a mechanic for one of the local boat yards, so he took a look at it & decided the gas lines need replacing. That will be tomorrow morning's project.

Dinner was left over brisket & salads.

Until tomorrow -

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