Monday, August 19, 2019

Nantucket, Day 13

A Couple of Trees

David woke up this morning with a bad tooth ache. The problem is his dentist, a friend of the family (therefore inexpensive) is in NY. So, he is off to NY for a trip to the dentist on his motorcycle. He'd rather take the van, but you don't need reservations for a motorcycle on the ferry, and this time of year the Nantucket to Hyannis ferries are pretty solidly booked.

I got the "Rosie" instructions (his lab) so I think I can handle things on this end.

I made a quick trip to the Madaket Mall to drop off some already read books (and, of course, pick up a few more), along with a small squeegee to wipe down the trailer shower. I also stopped to photograph a couple of trees at one of the Land Bank locations. The Land Bank consists of chunks of the island that are purchased with a fee added to all land sakes. The idea is to try to keep the entire island from becoming a housing development. The "Farm" is a large piece of land that the Land Bank manages that has walking & running paths that are very popular.

While Dave likes to eat around 7:00, since he isn't here, it will be an early dinner at my usual 5:00. Pizza & wings from the Muse.

Until tomorrow -

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