Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Nantucket, Day 14

The Windmill
A quiet morning with just me & Rosie. She keeps wandering around the house looking for David.

I made a trip to the Stop & Shop for some ice for the clams. While there I wandered through the store, and in the freezer section was a row of Amy's Mushroom Risotto. Now that really makes me mad! I have been looking for it every since I had some on a trip a year ago. It is excellent, but no one seems to carry it. Of course I can't keep it frozen over the 12 hour trip to Oswego, and dinner is already planned as left over wings & pizza. Oh well, maybe next time or maybe I'll find it somewhere else on my journeys.

I added a couple of photos of the Nantucket Recycling Center (or Dump), as well as a couple of the Farm and one of the windmill. The windmill used to have the sails on almost every day, grinding corn meal for sale. While I did see some sails during the two weeks I was here, I never saw it turning.

They do lots of composting at the recycle center since there is only so much room for trash on an island. The topsoil & compost is free for the taking.

The Take It or Leave It building was closed today, but the rest of the place was open for business. There is so much stuff left at the Take It or Leave It, particularly books & clothing, that they close it and spend a couple of days clearing it out, getting ready for the next week. When I was there on Monday, all the bookshelves were full, and there was a 2' deep pile on the table next to the shelves. There is a 20' X 20' table for clothes, and it was piled 3' high, with about 10 people sorting through the pile. I hope they do something with the clothing since most of it is pretty usable stuff. Of course, getting large amounts of anything off island ends up being expensive since it needs to ride on the ferry.  As usual, more photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

I'm now packing since it is easier now than at 5:30AM!

Dinner was left over pizza & wings.

Until tomorrow -


  1. How do you like your trailer? It looks like the perfect size for a solo traveler.

    1. I've traveled in an Escape 17 for 6 years before I moved to the 21. Either is a good size for a solo traveler.