Friday, August 9, 2019

Nantucket, Day 3

Nantucket Harbor From the Fast Ferry Dock
We started off the day with a trip to the police station to get a clamming permit for me. I now have a lifetime permit for Nantucket - pays to be old!

The plan was to take the boat to one of David's favorite spots, but first we had to get the trailer lights working. Quite a project. The previous wirer decided to tie the ground & tail lights together, which made a dead short if the truck's lights were on. We tried using the old wiring after fixing it, but that meant using the trailer frame as a ground. It didn't work well, so we finally rewired the entire thing. By then it was too late to go clamming, so maybe tomorrow.

I forgot to tell the Guido's that coming to Nantucket on a Friday is a bad idea. The traffic held them up to the point where they got to wave at the 2:45 boat as it headed out without them. At least they didn't get their luggage on the cart. The plan now is to catch the 5:00 Fast Ferry & arrive around 6:00.

While we were text messaging back & forth (what did I do before I had unlimited texting?) I checked out the magnetic starter on the table saw. Unfortunately, it is dead, and even more unfortunately, obsolete. An exact replacement (used) is over $400.00. I don't know all that much about magnetic starters, but it looks like I can get a replacement from Amazon for around $70.00 so I'll give it a try. The worst that could happen is I'll let the magic smoke out of the starter. It should arrive before I leave, although Amazon Prime doesn't always manage to do two days on the Island.

Well, the Guido's caught the 5:00 Fast Ferry, but it wasn't so fast - it arrived at 6:12. I took a couple of harbor photos while waiting. Check today's LakeshoreImages page for more.

We ordered a bunch of pizzas for dinner. They are off David's diet, but he is allowed every once in awhile...

Until tomorrow -

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