Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Nantucket, Day 15

The View Through a Ferry Window 
Back in Oswego!

David called around 5:00 yesterday evening saying he made the boat & would arrive around 8:30; a day earlier than expected. Rosie was glad to see him. He ended up with his first root canal.

I got an early start, leaving the house at 5:45AM. There is an advantage to a big truck. I was directed to the front of the boarding line & was the first vehicle on the boat, and the 2nd one off (a full size 18 wheeler blocked the exit). I took a couple of photos of the loading process, then boarded.

As usual, the light during the morning was wonderful. I took a bunch of photos of the harbor on the way out. By 9:00 when we reached Hyannis, the good light was gone.  Lots more photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

The drive home was interesting. I ran into two heavy rainstorms, one so bad that I 90 slowed to 15 MPH, with many pulling off the road. Other than that, it was uneventful. I arrived home around 3:45, unloaded the truck, and went through the mail. No bill from the Massachusetts's Thruway for the trip to Nantucket. I guess it takes time to process the billing from license plate photos. The ice chest of clams made it in good shape - I'll make Clams Casino as an appetizer for tomorrow night's dinner.

I was tired enough from the trip that tonight's dinner was a quick trip to Rudy's (our local fish stand) for a plate of haddock & scallops.

That is about it. The next planned journal will be starting September 11th for the Niagara Wine Escape Rally in Niagara Falls, CA. Till then!

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