Monday, February 10, 2014

Imperial Dam BLM, CA

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Monday, February 10, 2014, Imperial Dam BLM, CA - 74.1 miles, 5008 For the Trip

I drove to the laundromat this morning, not to do laundry, but for a shower, $6.00 & they supply the soap, shampoo, washcloth & towel. I also made a last stop for provisions at the Roadrunner market since there are not any stores in the Imperial Dam area & it is about 25 miles from there to Yuma.

After packing up & saying good by to the remaining "hanger's ons", it was down AZ 95 to Imperial Dam road. Since the BLM Long Term Campground is in California, I'm back to mixed up time - the radio station I listen to is in Yuma on mountain time while the campground is on Pacific time. To add even more confusion, I regularly listen to my home town radio station on the internet and it is eastern time. Good thing I don't have to be anywhere on time.

The Imperial Dam BLM camping area is huge. I registered for 14 days for $40.00. Not sure how long I'll stay, but even two days puts me under my average for the trip, which is, after a week of free camping at Quartzite, now at $22.73 for the trip. While there isn't much to do here, I could use a couple of days kicking back & doing nothing. I did stop by the librarry (that is how they spell it) and traded in 6 books for 6 new ones. I forgot to take my phone (where I keep the database of read books) so I managed to pick out two that I've already read, but I'll take them back the next time I go.

My location is on the west side of the Gravel Pit Ramada. The site is almost level - I had to use the Anderson leveler to even out left to right, but haven't even unhitched the RAV4 - it was close enough. If I decide to drive into Yuma, I'll unhitch then. An advantage of the location is there is a pit toilet next to the ramada, much closer than the regular bathrooms. One minor problem - there are 100's of flies in the pit that are annoying if you sit! I know, too much information. Oh, and there is the big cardboard box of pecan shells that the last person here left in my fire pit, not that I'll be using it.

Only one other photo of part of the campground at today's LakeshoreImages page.  And, sorry for the out-of-order posts.  Verizon was being weird last night & while I thought the February 9th post went through, when I looked after posting today's post, it didn't.  So, they are reversed.

Dinner was a turkey burger & some excellent broccoli I picked up in Quartzite. I don't quite understand it - for the most part the vegetables I've been buying here in the southwest next to the growing center of America are usually not all that good. I know it is winter, but even in the dead of Oswego's NY winters vegetables are fresher. Today's broccoli was an exception.

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