Thursday, February 13, 2014

Imperial Dam BLM, CA, Day 4

Yes, More Hummingbirds!
Thursday, February 13, 2014, Imperial Dam BLM, CA, Day 4 - 0 miles, 5008 For the Trip

Another quiet day at Imperial Dam. I did make scrambled eggs for breakfast & discovered that my grill wasn't quite as level as I thought it was - still got enough to eat, but cleaning up the stove was not much fun!

Very warm today. I talked with Mike from Colorado & a couple from Ontario who were taking shelter in the Gravel Pit Ramada from the sun. I read, and kicked back most of the day. Of course I did get my 2 miles in, going in a new direction and getting lost by choosing the wrong road, but eventually found my way back to the trailer.

Last night I took a panorama of the campground at sunset, as well as a few night photos. This afternoon I sat next to the hummingbird feeder for a few photos. And finally, I took a photo of the moon-rise & sunset over the campground. Photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Dinner is cooking as I type - Stouffer's Chicken Teriyaki. I took a break from typing and ate - not too bad for a frozen pre made dinner, although not up to my favorite - Wanchai Orange Chicken, which doesn't seem to be available here in the southwest. While I like to keep one or two of these frozen dinners in the freezer at home for quick skillet meals, they take up too much room for my small RV refrigerator, so I usually use them within a day or two of purchasing them.

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